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Derek Young has signed

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WTF is he doing?

Even if he argues he is a good squad player, versatile and all that shit, I fail to see that any of our current youngsters can be as much of a waste of space.  When we have little cash to play with what is the point of paying this waste of spacee anything? I'd rather we didn't sign anyone than him. Adds nothing to the team and blocks one of the youngsters making the step up.

Total farce

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Guest Donofthered

So I'm supposed to believe that there is not one player on a free better than that little fuck wit who is willing to join the Dons??  ???


I propose we all get T-Shirts with Derek Young can Fuck Off for the first game, you know just to return the gesture!  >:D

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Why are we signing a player Partick Thistle dont even want???????

How much sun has Jimmy had in Egypt, he must well out of it!!!!!!!!

He was shit 1st time round and unless he has swapped feet with Ronaldhino, he will be shit this time aswell!!!!!!!

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On a postive thought........


....I remember speaking to Derek at a hibs game the week after the Ricksen incident and his bro. He had been sent off later on for a tackle on Ricksen (studs into the stomach in a sliding tackle). We were applauding his tackle and he turned round and said, it was shit I was aiming for his balls  :clap: He was a good laugh

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To be honest, I don't really have the same 'oh my god' reaction that a lot of Dons fans are having. I actually think that Derek was underrated compared to his brother, who people seemed to rate. Neither was especially good, but one was seen as a loss when they left. If the younger Young is signed to be an alternative to Daal then I couldn't care less.


I am far more worried about the fact that when one Young goes the other seems to follow.

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During his first spell he summed up everything that was wrong with Aberdeen players of that time, and frankly I'm amazed that any SPL club would sign him! In fact, does this not mean that JC has signed him twice??  ::)


Like folks have been saying I presume it's only as a "squad player", but even then would we not be better chucking in a youth player in times of an emergency & finding out whether or not they can cut the mustard? Just see this as a totally pontless signing, but I do love the irony of him leaving the Dons for higher wages & presumably now re-signing on a fraction of what he was on before!


Darren was always more capable as a footballer, which in itself again sums up the quality of players we had around that time. Oh well, for every decent signing we appear more than capable of signing an absolute stinker... just hope now that we don't end up selling on one of our 1st choice strikers such as Lovell (as has been rumoured for large chunks of the summer) as the shit would hit the fan then!


Totally un-inspiring signing, but you won't hear me (or any other dons fan!) complain if by some miracle he does something decent this time around!

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Guest Donofthered

Also why, if we have some room to sign a pointless squad player, are we not trying to get a Keeper?  Young will not get near the first team so why not sign a keeper that will and have Clangers sat doing F' all until he goes?


I still hope we get another keeper in before the start of the season, unlikely mind!


Derek Bloody Young! >:D

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From the dunfermline forum


I thought he had signed for Hamilton

can't believe he'll do well at aberdeen

Ha ha haaaa, class!!! This has made my day

How on earth has he managed to ghost his way in to the Aberdeen squad!

Freed by Partick and ends up at Aberdeen ?

That's what you call falling on your feet.

Two year deal as well? Must have a photo of Calderwood without a sun tan or something?

Quality signing he will get at least 2 goals this season

Fortunately for us, it's Derek not Darren


To me it speaks volumes......

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