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Scottish League Cup

Sunday 10 July 2022 - kick-off 3pm

Peterhead v Aberdeen

Stand Free!

Boring, unentertaining, clueless buffoonery . . . .

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. . . . . yes, that is what has got us to third place.


Jimmy (as Graham Spiers said) is doing rather well for a buffoon.


Well fucking done JC. Get it right fucking up them! :AFC2:


Oh and while I'm at it, Strachan, get yourself fucked too!  :wave:


Fucking A brother.


But you never gave Stoney the credit he needs for the win...

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I'm surprised he got his arse in the turnstile. Fatness is lack of discipline in like eating and stuff and means he takes it up the bum.


I think  :-\


I jogged (on) over 30 miles last week, what did you do? apart from rim your mates of course  :thumbsup:  :wave:


and funster despite what you may think i still want to see my team win? even if it is horrificly bad to watch  ;)

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