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Saturday 2nd March 2024:  kick-off 3pm

Scottish Premiership - St Mirren v  Aberdeen

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SPL Grounds

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Celtic - Yay

Dundee Utd - Nay but planning to go next time we're there

Falkirk - Yay

Hamilton - Nay

Hearts - Nay but going on Valentines day

Hibs - Nay

Inverness - Nay but going up on saturday

Kilmarnock - Nay but possibly going for the rescheduled match

Motherwell - Nay

Rangers - Nay

St Mirren - Nay

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Celtic - Aye

Dundee Utd - Aye

Falkirk - Aye

Hamilton - Not yet, going on the 3rd of January

Hearts - Aye

Hibs - Aye

Inverness - Aye (but way back in 1995 for a 3rd division game against Montrose. This saturday shall be the first time with the new stands)

Kilmarnock - Aye

Motherwell - Aye

Rangers - Aye (But only as a first aider)

St Mirren - Aye

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El Padre beat me to it.  ;)


Didn't think I'd been to that many until I started counting.  Although the 'new' teams to the league weren't playing in the SPL when I was going to games.


Been to Celtic, Utd, Hibs, Kilmarnock, Rangers, Livi, Partick, Inverness (when they played at Pittodrie)  ;)


Hearts and Well are the only two 'established' teams I've not been to although I've been lifted by the Motherwell cops on route to a game there so I've sort of had the away game experience there.  :-\


Then there's the newbies Falkirk, Hamilton, Inverness and

St Mirren which I doubt I'll bother with.

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Celtic - Y

Dundee Utd - Y

Falkirk - Y (old and new. DO I get extra superfan points?)

Hamilton - N (Thinking about going sometime in my lifetime.)

Hearts - Y

Hibs - Y

Inverness - Y

Kilmarnock - Y

Motherwell - Y

Rangers - Y

St Mirren - Think I'm going in 2018.

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Celtic - Yes

Dundee Utd - Yes

Falkirk - Yes

Hamilton - Yes

Hearts - Yes

Hibs - Yes

Inverness - Yes

Kilmarnock - Yes

Motherwell - Yes

Rangers - Yes

St Mirren - Yes

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