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Saturday 9th March 2024:  kick-off 12.15pm

🏆 Scottish Cup Quarter Finals 🏆

Aberdeen v Kilmarnock

🔴⚪️ Stand Free! ⚪🔴

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As time goes by, my tendency has been to "like" less and less people - "ever decreasing circles", as once described. However, the nearer to death one gets, and I am definitely over 50% of life, one tends to see the total negs more instantly, but finds more positives in the floating populace.


When it comes to folk in red scarves, or folk in the away end at away games, I love them all, just for being on "the same side". Chances are, if I knew them better, I would find a proportion of fudsters and fudsticks that I find in the general population, although I suspect the proportion would be less.


There is no rational reason why Aberdeen fans should be more likeable or dislikeable to me than the general pop, but I know it would be a favourable representation. This is because the majority are from the NE, an area of unique parochialism and bigotry, a brand of sickness I understand and am amused by.

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most definately there is a massive unlikeable element!!!  The i've paid my money, im gonna pick on our own players crew!!!.......Even before a game starts you know who there victims will be, and no matter how badly someone else plays, they will escape criticism!!! its actually ludicrous, and pisses me off no end!!!!!


Remember one game in particular, in the south stand, where a group of about 10 idiots gave dempsey dogs abuse from the first whistle.....annoyingly so...even wen he wasnt involved in the play, they were like "look look, look at dempsey, hes hiding behind the ref man" twats!!....


no wonder certain players show promise then fade away.....


confidence is a massive thing in football!!!


i'd say theres alot of knowledgable supporters too tho, just like every club i suppose!!! ....

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Citylink bus to the 2000 scottish cup final


Biggest priks I have ever had to suffer. Even the Hun who pulled a knife on me on king Street was better than these twats. Was very chuffed to see about 6 of them with various head injuries, black eyes etc on the return journey having apprently been beaten up by the cops. Those of us without injuries were labelled as cunts because we never 'got stuck in'.


Have met various other 'unfriendly' types at various away games (some from this website) in the last few years but im not exactly the most popular person on the planet and id rather not speak to them either so its a fair arrangement.




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I have empathy towards almost all Dons fans. I share a common goal with them and that provides me with some sense of togetherness and belonging. However, in making an assessment of whether I like a person  the team they support would never make the list of decision making criteria (dislike on the other hand would be a different matter  ;) ).


I might be inclined to give a member of the population I like to call human wreckage a little more space to make an impact if he pledged faith to all things red but if he/she turned out to be a cunt then their support of Aberdeen would not sway me back.


Hope that makes sense  :-\

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I was aiming my comments at the many who showed their face in the squares of Madrid & Munich... wannabe show ponies... the life's of the party... glory hunters... reasons to stay in secluded bars with friends while the carnage ensued.


Yer right we're bigots...  That's just part of looking down on our fellow Dandies and believing we are, surely, better. Sheepshagging bastards!  :thumbsup:


edit - Yes, Hebrew - STAND FREE!  :thumbsup:


Deliberately avoided Madrid and Munich - reverse glory-hunting? / inevitable non-glory-avoidance?, whatever - but heard how bad it was. I will never return to see Scotland after the Dam when we got humped 6-0. The majority of Scots "fans" - the famous tartan army - were complete embarrassments.

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Because I don't know them - I imagine that they all dwell in the RDS, probably the RDU, and have spikey haircuts and drink alcopops.


As a season ticket holder in the RDU, I don't enjoy this stigma attached to the RDU!


The majority of Dons fans, even though I don't know them, I don't mind them as we all share a common goal.


Red Ultras not included. Arseholes.

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If you're introduced to me or my company I'm going to be friendly from the get go. I've never been one to be negative towards any other human being that I'm meeting for the first time.


If it turns out I don't like you I just won't bother with you again.


I've no time for this 'stalking' shit that other people do with folks they don't like.

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i think what i like about football is its ability to bring all walks of life together.  Indeed being a football fan is very compareable to being religous in that all members congregate weekly for worship in the same place, sing songs together, hope for the same overall goal and intensly dislike those that worship at different churches.  Thing is just because 2 people have an common interest doesnt mean they are going to get on, if you compare to religion again a lot of proddies think ian paisley is a total cunt.  as such i have to say that at least half the aberdeen fans i have met are pricks, the other half go from dull to sound on an decreasing scale

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