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  1. Or the Fritzl's live near...
  2. Whilst they weren't being booed as such, the moans and groans of the crowd were apparent. Support and encourage, pretty simple really. I'm not suggesting we're out of the cup because of the crowd, it just doesn't help. As for who's to blame, everyone played their part. It's not one particular persons fault.
  3. Do you not agree it really must grind the players down when the fans don't support them and only get on their backs. I don't care how hardened you are, if you're constantly put-down by your own support it will have an effect. F*ck, in any line of work if you've got people on your back you won't perform. I mean when Duff came on there was total silence from the crowd. As a player, how must that make him feel? Is it too much to ask that we could applaud our players onto the pitch? There just seems to be no patience to be honest. I'm not saying the players are blameless but the support has to take responsibility sometimes as well. We're happy to take the plaudits when we sell-out games and get great results against so-called better teams by backing the team from the word go. Recent games against Copenhagen, Lokomotiv Moscow, Bayern Munich, Dnipro, Rangers and Celtic spring to mind. When the opposite happens we should realise we do play a part. This I agree with.
  4. A bit of both to be honest, sections of fans seem to go to games thinking we've a divine right to win everything and offer absolutely no support to the team whatsoever. Getting on their backs will no doubt have an effect. The fans are as guilty of Jekyll & Hyde performances when we're the favourites as much as the players are. As a club on the whole, we really struggle to perform when we're favourites. Give us the underdog tag however, and we're flying... If you were to look at our great home performances over the last 2-3 years, they've came when we didn't really expect anything, when the crowd has been right behind the team from before kick-off right through to the end of the game. It's a sad fact that the loudest chant on Wed night came at the start of extra-time and lasted all of 30 seconds.
  5. Partly, booing them off at half-time was pretty pointless and the berating of anything that went wrong was just ludicrous.
  6. Only towards the end of my time at school as he became headmaster about a year or two before I left, I do remember him banging on about it though. When I played for King Street in primary school, the triangular passing was one of the things we were taught about and it's one of my earliest memories of being coached in football.
  7. Hence why I said in another thread that the fans are partly to blame. There was one point on Wed night when this muppet sitting in front of me decided to stand and berate Lee Mair for "notgerrinitupthafookinparkquickenoughyeuselessarticlefucksake..." At the point he shouted this, Mair had only just slid in to make a very good tackle on the Dunfermline number 7 on the edge of our box and was only just getting to his feet with the ball, which he eventually played to Mulgrew on the left.
  8. Better than Diamond though he is.
  9. About 35 minutes into the match on Wednesday night, this wee voice pipes up, "Dad, can we go home now? All these players are rubbish. They can't even pass the ball to each other." I swear, this kid was about 7-8 years old. His dad's response was, "Sit down and shut up, there's a long way to go yet..." After the pens the kid said, "Told you so dad..."
  10. I don't think it's that he doesn't trust players, but more to do with another of Jimmy's faults, over-analysing opponents. He seems to often pick players for certain games as he feels that player would do better in a particular role (think Touzani in Europe last year, Aluko playing more home games than away), or to cancel what he perceives a threat from our opponents (matching up an opponents formation, usually 4-5-1). Now I know every manager does this, pick certain players to suit specific games, but I think Jimmy does this way too much.
  11. Don't fight what comes naturally...
  12. Cannot agree with you there. As for my original point, if you can't see it I'm not going to try and explain it to you...
  13. Try making sense in your postings and don't contradict yourself then.
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