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  1. David Weir is safely tucked away at Everton and threatening "to help them out if needed"
  2. Here's a Russian opinion http://english.pravda.ru/sports/soccer/12-07-2012/121640-glasgow_rangers-0/
  3. I still cannot believe some utter knobbers refuse to admit Calderwood was doing well at the dons. Despite having the better players sold, let go for nowt, and having little to bring in players, he consistently polished turds. Mind you, its the same fucking idiots who though Willie Miller had done a bad job. Despite two second-place finishes in the league and two losing cup finals. Been fucking downhill since Miller, and Calderwood got us back into europe, and I don't mean getting booted at the first hurdle by part-time tattie munchers either. Have a look at yoursels.
  4. Why is it the same nuggets who got fed up of the jimmies bringing us European football, creamed themselves over McGhee getting the job, now want him sacked? The problem of the last 10 years is chronic under investment and replacing players with poorer players. How the fuck is spunking a small fortune on sacking McGhee & co going to help that? Wiggy and the board are killing AFC, the fans aren't far behind because they wanted JC out - what a fucking great idea that was. Some cash on top of the team we had v Copenhagen would have seen us kick on, the decision by wiggy to break up that team and sell is THE ONLY reason we are in this mess. It won't actually matter if we sack McGhee any improvement will be temporary and we'll be back here again soon. Who the fuck is going to want to helm our 'cancerous' club anyway?
  5. 100% spot on. How can it be the manager's fault when we have sold or let go every quality player we've had in last 5 years and each time replaced them with lesser value players? Totally Milne & the board that have killed AFC. And to the retards calling for McGhee to go. 1. We don't have the money to waste doing it, and 2. Who the fuck would replace him? Couldn't afford compo so would need to be someone out of a job who was interested in helming the fucking titanic of football. Also, bad day, but we are still a fair way off a relegation playoff, yet.....
  6. FFS. I really don't know what the f*ck my fellow dons "fans" are thinking. When we finished 3rd and got into Europe did we get money to spend? When we qualified from the EUFA Cup group stages and Wiggy "promised" us spending to kick on, what happened? We sold players and let them go on frees. Calderwood now appears was working miracles with shite, McGhee isn't as good a polishing someone else's turd, but sacking him won't suddenly make the sh*t that passes itself off as an AFC player actually play any better. We need investment in the side, to generate a bit of interest, bigger crowds and hopefully better league and cup finishes. We ain't gonna get it with Wiggy in, and for me we are NAILED ON CERTS for relegation next year after we lose more players and bring in fuck all replacements.
  7. Because we can expect to do so much better finishing 9th or below in one of the worst leagues in europe!
  8. ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha What a good laugh that was, got any others?
  9. I pretty much agree with Strachan. Fans complained Jimmy played shit football and players out of position. They were practically jizzing over McGhee because of the style he played at Well. Now we have McGhee and it's all complaints again. THE SINGLE FACT IS WIGGY IS RUINING THE CLUB. On field performances maybe shite, but that's because we've lost 2 squads of players and replaced them with shite. shite players = shite performance. Not McGhee's fault, and to be brutally honest, if we can't afford players, you think we can afford to sack him anyway?!
  10. Surprised we haven't been linked with any Chester 'superstars'. That's just about what we've come too.
  11. Don't let stats stand in the way of your retarded opinion. I really don't care if you want to carry on wanking over how pleased you are Jimmy got the boot, but some of us have a brain and can see what is going on at the club. Nice of you to give an example of a typical dons fan tho
  12. I'm sick to the back teeth of the majority of retards who call themselves dons fans. The situation is simple, our chairman has been strangling the club for years, he forced out our best manager since fergie by letting countless players leave and not replacing them. We may be 'financially stable' but for me you can keep it, we should have kicked on when we qualified for knockout uefa cup but just dismantled the team. People kept calling for jimmys head, but it's obvious he was an expert at polishing the turd afc has become. Now retards want mcghee out? There would go the transfer budget for 4 seasons as compo. We now have fuck all chance of attracting players, keeping loan players, or signing those out of contract. This season is over, but while wiggy is here future seasons look worse. Get real, get wiggy to fuck.
  13. I said all along, Calderwood wasn't at fault, the board and Wiggy were. The last 2 or 3 seasons loss of players and their 'replacements' have been proof of that.
  14. He married a catholic then beat her about and talks of his 'lucky escape' after the divorce. Classy guy - well worth being a role model to kids...
  15. That'll be to invest the insurance money he gets when he never kicks another ball.
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