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Celeb Deaths

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At last, something good comes from Covid. Rot in hell you bastard

Dave Cornwell, better known as the writer John Le Carre, passes away aged 89. Love his books.

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1 hour ago, Kowalski said:

Peter Alliss. 
Back in the day he was one of the great commentators, with a very decent sense of humour. Very memorable when van de velde lost his marbles at Carnoustie the year Lawrie won. 

Mr Golf to those of my generation

RIP Peter

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23 hours ago, Jute said:

Had heart issues previously. 

Yeah had completely forgotten about that.

First surfaced during his time at Liverpool now I think about it.

Did he not miss months of one season whilst recuperating ?

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Stella Tennant before she sadly passed away two days ago had lived in same town as me Duns for a number of years.  I nearly got her on my radio show 2012 with the help of Pat Nevin who lives literally thirty seconds from one also.  However her management team claimed at time she was a deeply private person who didn't do any sort of press outside her work.  Only wanted her to come on and play some of her favourite tunes.  Not sure if she ever got to know about my request.


Last year however when approaching our local fishmonger front door I let this female go in shop before us as both approached practically together.  Stood chatting to her before she got served.  Joked about how Mam had brought Lee up with manners so was always going to allow a woman in ahead of Mr Seymour.  Seemed pretty smart, funny, intelligent, very down to earth.  Once aforementioned girl had left premises Drew who owned place said;

"Lee, you do realise you've just allowed Stella Tennant to go first right?"


I replied;

"Nope!! See next time she comes in can you please put in a good word for me and get her to come on my radio show if one ever gets it started again??"

I can now tell why she was so not into the celebrity lifestyle fashion models do enjoy given some of the tributes about lady last day or so.  



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