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Wednesday 29th May 2024

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Realsitic transfer targets?

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With the news that Jimmy is to get some money in the summer, who would folk like to see us move for?


I'd try and get the boy Dorman from St Mirren for £100k for a start, center midfielder who likes to get forward and can score a few.


I'd also be looking at Gary Hay from Killie at left back who is out of contract in the summer. Always looked solid enough when I've seen him.


A pacey winger and a decent keeper have got to be a priority. Oh, and if Lovell leaves, a wedge of the available cash has got to go to finding a good replacement.

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I'd like to see Aluko on a season long loan, despite flashes of brilliance he's not going to get a game for Birmingham.  Loan deals have worked well this season, get Maybury signed up and maybe another striker like Riorden from Celtic.


The rest hinges on whether Miller, Lovell and Nicholson stay or go, if they leave then there's a huge hole in the squad and we must bring in equal or better replacements which won't be easy.


If we've got an increased budget the club should think about increasing the salary limit so we become more competative when trying to attract players, and hold onto the ones we've got.  I'm not talking silly money because we've been down that road before, just enough to tempt guys like Nicholson to re-sign.

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No idea what their current contractual arrangements are but how about:


Andy Dorman - St Mirren

Michael Higdon - Falkirk

Chris Porter - Motherwell


Surely they'd fancy a crack at a bigger SPL team (!!)


Oh and signing Maybury

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Having been continually let down by our signings over the past 10 years, I find it really difficult to get excited about any such transfers.  I'd be happy just to turn up on the first game of the season, look at the team sheet and mutter......"ohforfucksakefosteragain".



Are Real Sitic a Croatian outfit?

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Falkirk boy is worth checking - Cregg, althought their best opportunity Thomson went south in january, they possibly have another couple of players who could raise the game. Signing them may be another issue as they may be looking to recoup the daylight robbery we inflicted gettin grid of budgie.


Grey -striker on loan from Hibs to Partick - also decent, natural finisher.


Goodwillie had potential apart from showbiz name fuck knows if any good now after loan spell.


We really need to see who gets binned first in summer..


Hope to fuck we keep Maybury get 2 new full backs and plant Maybury at Defensive midfield to nail things and distribute..


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"Benji" from hibs seems a bit like Zero to me. Can be fantastic or do nothing. Bit of a luxury player and very much hit and miss. Agree with the other shouts though.


If Lovell is ofski, would he not be a much more interesting player to have then?  God knows we need a bit of a fair player to liven up the team.

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I wouldn't keep Aluko for a start. He shows flashes of brilliance a bit like Nakamura (plays 1 good game, then 6 bad ones).......Aluko marks space and doesn't spend any time on the wing like he's meant too. Awesome against Bayern Munich, but other than that hes been average at best.


I'd keep Maybury




Riordan (possibly)

Gow (possibly)

Ryan Stephenson

Jason Scotland (never going to happen, but hey AFC show ambition)

Allan Russell


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Any decent players at Hamilton? I haven't seen Richard Offiong play for them but I've been following his career and he has scored a shitload for them. Perhaps he'd need to prove himself at a higher level before becoming a realistic option, but some SPL clubs must surely be looking at him.

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