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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

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  1. Thought sokler has looked good of late, fast, powerful, and has shown some nice hold up /link play, layoffs etc. he technical and last preseason showed he’s a decent finisher. With a decent run of games he gains real match sharpness. Think he’s done enough to be 9 assuming miovski moves on.
  2. Seebass, I moved to the US when I was 22, 51 now. I still try to watch as many games as possible but I don’t take defeats the way I used to when I lived at home. while very disappointed to lose to Darvel, not a single person I work with knew about the game, and nobody had ever heard of darvel, possibly Aberdeen too! My British friends know I’m an Aberdeen fan and they’ll comment if we have a big game, but it’s nothing like living back home. It’s very easy to push a defeat into the background over here, back home it’s rubbed in your face and you can’t get away from it. I was 10 in 1983 and have very fond memories of winning the cup winners cup. I listened to most of the euro games on the radio and my bedtime was 9pm. Very fond memories of David Francie, Archie McPherson, jock brown too, Derek Rae later on, never really took to Arthur Montfort commentary. Remember listening to the Bayern game and jumping up and down on my bed at full time. Got upset with my babysitter at the time, she didn’t seem to care. Semi at home to watershei was during Easter holidays I think, maybe not, and my family were caravanning at yellowcraig near north berwick. Remember brushing my teeth at the toilet block with the radio blasting as we hammered them. I was allowed to stay up and watch the final, still don’t believe it was 41 years ago. Slept in my full kit that night, including the socks! Don’t really think about beating Real Madrid and really care about their record. I really don’t pay that much attention to anyone other than us and Scotland. I will say this, I was absolutely devastated when we lost to Porto in the semis the following year. We were the best team in Europe and I just assumed we’d repeat, I thought it was a given. Nice to think about all this stuff, doesn’t seem that long ago and makes me feel old!
  3. It’s quite a situation really. In the last month we’ve ditched the long ball/direct style and have shown we’ve got some capable players who can play football. Now we bring in a guy with a known approach of a direct style. said before, a good coach plays a style that suits the players, curious to see what JT can do!
  4. Just noticed hoilett actually turns 34 next month. Cannot see many teams better than us offering a better opportunity…..or more money. One year deal seems right. Must have enjoyed the last month, been a bit of a fans favorite.
  5. OrlandoDon


    Just read about EPL clubs voting whether to scrap VAR. what would it take for Scottish clubs to be able to vote on it? Really curious to why anyone or any club would vote in favor of keeping it. would love to know if VAR intervention has cost us more goals than given us….? or any team to be truthful. Today, yet again, a penalty and goal when not a single player or fan paused for a second to claim for a penalty yet VAR creates an incident and pretty much gets the assist on the goal.
  6. OrlandoDon


    Surely the ref has to consider the foul on sokler before the hand ball? I just don’t understand how that isn’t seen or is ignored.
  7. OrlandoDon


    Anyone want to attempt to explain/justify the livi penalty?
  8. Yeah, factor in where polvara played, more advanced attacking role. If he’s expected to be a holding mid or a Rama type, that he’s not. not following the hype of Boyd, definitely a young kid playing with men. Great to see him, give him another year or two to develop, most likely out on loan.
  9. Beat me to the punch. Just when we think we are the worst hibs prove a point!!! Thank fuck we didn’t go that route…!
  10. Like the new strip, glad to see the back of the gold trim.
  11. Really curious to how thelin approaches us. Yes he seems to have his style, and yes we have squad rebuilding this summer, but I’d expect at least 50% possession against all teams in the league except the old firm, maybe hearts. I like that we’ve also gone back to a more possession/ passing style of play than just mindless long ball. Robson tried what thelin seems to do but it’s was mind numbing and eye bleeding stuff all season until he left. Hibs game today the commentators made the point that it looks like the shackles have been taken off and we have players who can play. I’d say it’s the threat of relegation gone for the most part today! Polvara clarkson and McGrath for example are all pretty technical players, and while I’d say clarkson is the only legit starter, don’t see him wanting to chase all game. (Barron too but I suspect he’s gone.)
  12. Don’t think so. Hibs after 15 mins were poor and gave our midfield so much time and space. I actually don’t think Barron and clarkson are a great midfield, and shinnie clarkson and a new player, with polvara as back up will be what we have next season. thought polvara had another decent game, the goal doing his confidence wonders. Actually think resting Shinnie and giving polvara time right now isnt a bad idea. Gives polvara good minutes to get better. Robson ran shinnie to death, not playing him every minute right now isn’t a big deal.
  13. Yup good game. First 15 mins hibs were better but after that all us and could have been more if we were ruthless. Saying that, hibs did miss a chance or two. Keep in mind last two 1-0 wins could easily have been 4 had we taken our chances, so I wasn’t totally surprised today. Thought Barron was good although he still gave us his once a game caught in possession counter. Is Boyd the Barron replacement?? Mackenzie has surely locked himself in as our permanent left back, another good performance. Clarkson had some quality passes, and from the last few games I’m hoping 3 at the back becomes a distant memory. agree hoilett could get another year, has played well and definitely contributed over the last month. He’s given us much needed width and creativity. The fourth goal shows what duk can do with a brain. Hope he’s like Ronaldo who eventually learned decision making. would love to hear some signing targets. Positive results these days and finishing the best we can, can we please start the rumors!?!?
  14. Ok, so let’s take a look at elfborg. Haven’t seen them playing so pretty much a wild guess based on a random 5 minute internet search. These ‘could’ be some of their better players. Taking a peak at positional needs, anyone know anything about… Isaak Pettersen - 26 - keeper, Swedish, 2 caps Michael baidoo - 24 - attacking mid, ghanian Arber zeneli - 29 - left winger - Swedish born, kosovo internationalist andri fannar baldursson - 22 - center mid - Iceland internationalist - on loan from bologna of all places, been out on loan for about 3 years, figure something out there?? At 6’2’’ sounds like the type of player we’d like. ahmed qasam - 20 - right mid - Swedish Couple of central defenders of decent value but we need to rid ourselves of one or two before spending there I think.
  15. Ex don??? Championship goal of the season I think.
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