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Hearts Financial Difficulties

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2 days on from Hearts asking all full time playing and non-playing staff to take a 50% pay cut, still no concrete word on whether anyone has accepted or not. Only one that looks confirmed as rejecting is Dikamona who supposedly wants the pay-off and termination of contract option.


The news today that the government will subsidise up to 80% of an employee's wage up to a maximum of £2500/month really won't make a helluva lot of difference to the likes of Naismith and Boyle, even if they were to accept the pay cut. Ironically, however, it will make a helluva difference to their biggest saleable asset in Aaron Hickey, who's one of the lowest paid first team members.....when Levein was still in charge he tried to tie him down to a new improved contract but the loon refused to sign it....likely due to the reported Man City interest.


I hope we are keeping a close eye on the situation. Souttar did his achilles a few weeks back and wasn't expected back till the new season. I know we have a full complement of central defenders at present but I honestly don't see Devlin tolerating being 4th choice into whatever transpires beyond the summer.


Events have obviously now taken over and Souttar is unlikely to miss too much of whatever the SPFL decide to make of this/next season. As a Scotland international, he is likely to be one of their higher earners. I certainly couldn't envisage him wanting to hang around if Hearts go down to the Championship in whatever fashion. He's a Dons fan and we could certainly afford to a least match what he gets now should he decide to reject the pay cut and take the pay-off. I don't see anyone else up here affording him outwith the arse cheeks (and I really don't think either would be interested in him anyway) and Hibs who again I don't think would want him (for entirely different reasons to the cheeks). I suppose a promoted Yinited could stretch to it in a similar way they've splashed out on Shankland but I suspect he'd choose us over returning there. Of course any English Championship club could match/beat us though.



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Is that how it works, genuinely? They send a letter? Do you have to do a test to ensure you're fit or whatever?


No they haven't tested. The front line NHS staff, doctors as well as nurses may be spreaders.


Many retired staff have volunteered already without waiting to be asked. Given the immediate need, not to mention the retraining and training required for working with oxygen and ventilators, the sooner we get all hands on deck the better and it still won't be enough. It will at least save some lives.

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My understanding is that  (the intention is to have) those retired less than a year will receive a bit of training specifically to do with Covid 19 and be deployed to acute wards.


Those retired between 1 and 3 years will be deployed to less acute areas....care of the elderly/community hospitals etc. I would fall into this group


As it stands I don't think theyre looking to have those retired longer than 3 years return at present. England and Wales certainly have sent out their letters asking nurses and doctors to stand by but I don't think the govt has yet passed the legislation to allow unregistered nurses to re-register......and also provide indemnity insurance. Of course some who have very recently retired may still have a valid registration (the remaining period of their last official registration prior to retiring). I cant really see any great obstacle to them returning immediately should they wish to.


In all cases reregistering will be free of charge supposedly.


EDIT....I just checked the NMC website. They have sent out emails yesterday to all nurses who have retired/left the nursing register within the last 3 years. I found mine in my spam folder. So I have now added my name to list willing to return. It confirms that the legislation allowing us to do so has not yet gone through and also confirms theyre not looking for nurses who have been gone longer than 3 years for now.

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Highlighting a "conflict of interest" is so Scottish.


Not bad, two negatives to express a positive.


The barriers to understanding philanthropy include mistakenly thinking that they don't have anything to give themselves, a failure of empathy and compassion and an extremely limited imagination.


It's ignorant to label the man a saviour. Donating because he can is wonderful. It's how the money is spent that matters.

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Donating because he can is wonderful.


Fine if that is all he is doing.  Cannot help being sceptical when someone with an obvious loyalty to one club in the league is contributing to the league as a whole. 


Firstly his club is threatened with relegation.  The next phase involves their chairman being put in charge of the restructuring committee.  Then when that fails, their major benefactor is offering to bail out the whole of the league.


You can call it philanthropy, the more cynical would view it as bribery.  Wonder when the news will break to announce that league reconstruction has been agreed?  ;)

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Hearts getting relegated, the third biggest-supported club is bad for Scottish football. I severely doubt that they would've been relegated anyway if the SPFL hadn't made the insane decision to terminate early, unlike UEFA and the EPL.


League reconstruction was always on the cards. Change is required. It's not working. It will work even less if Hearts aren't contributing to the top flight. Once the new set-up is agreed, relegation and promotion will be agreed and that's that. This happened once before of course, when AFC were frighteningly close to the bone.


Scepticism is good. Bribery is not. Philanthropy is great. In the real world, there is always give and take. I see nothing but positives from that article and I'm the king of cynics. Only a Scotsman can focus primarily on the negatives, in keeping with his true nature. I say this as a Scotsman living in NE Scotland, born in NE Scotland from ancestors going back at least 1,000 years who were also from the North East. We can moan not just for Scotland, but for the whole world and yet we can't see how this attitude holds the majority of us back. It is perhaps why some of our poppies grow the tallest.


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Arbitrarion as I understand it means any document relating to the disagreement must be handed over by law.


Hearts and Thistle are relegated however they will no doubt be compensated and the SPFL will need to fully explain what happened with Dundee etc and the other alleged claims they made about TV contracts etc


Wonder how long Cockwomble will hold on to his main job and/or his new role at UEFA?

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