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Sunday 23rd June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇭🇺 Hungary

kick-off 8pm


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What a win

What an atmosphere

There were terrible, just a shame we didn't hammer them, but given all the 1-0 wins they've had over us in recent years I'll take that with bells on.


Surely we must win on tue, then it is a huge game at the Hunnery.  After that it should only be ours to throw away. 

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Guest boaby

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D




first game I've been to this season so I'm well happy with the result.


They were dire. Absolute garbage.


The only one that looked like they could play football was the psycho that got sent off.


vive la revolution


goan yersel' Vlad

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Guest swaddon

I look forward to the day when Hearts are playing in Division 3 with £500million worth of debt and an average attendance of 300 in a 30,000 capacity stadium that they don't own.

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I see that the idiot Jambos are thinking that this new main stand that will never get built is going to cost between £6-8 million.


Fucking eejits.


Nice line from that article ....'The only way to guarantee being able to watch Hearts will be as a season-ticket holder.'


Not a ticket selling ploy at all then...



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awww bless:



Why are Aberdeen so annoying?




Is it the 80s Rubik's Cube/Shoot that poison arrow through my heeeeaaart thing?


Is it because their fans are a bit on the excitable side and say things like “fit likeâ€; that nobody understands?


Is it because of Tango and Sash?


It is the fact that they are closest to us in terms of size or trophies won (we get more fans/they have won two more domestic trophies than us)?


It is because of Kickback Dons?


Is it because of Willie Miller escorting the ref to the penalty spot on April 19th 1986?


Is it because of ex-Scotsport presenter Julie-ann Sinclair (had to get that one in)


Is it because they have ugly players like Russell Anderson and Zander Diamond?


Is it because their fans have really crap songs?


Well what then?


I can’t see the problem myself.


Buffalo Bill

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I see on the BBC website that apparently they are going to reduce the away allocation even more when they are redevloping the main stand to get the capacity up to 26,000. I honestly can see there just being 7,000 empty seats if they do that and then ending up begging away supporters to take up allocations of 2,500-3,000. I'd love to say that on principle I will tell them where to stick it but I'm weak and will probably cave in.

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By Chris Roberts

LARYEA KINGSTON fears his shameful display at Pittodrie on Saturday has ruined his chances of staying at Hearts.


The Ghanian international will miss next month's Edinburgh derby after being handed a two-match ban.


Kingston also faces further trouble for branding referee Steve Conroy a racist during Saturday's 1-0 defeat to Aberdeen.


The midfielder was deeply upset by his actions and fears Hearts owner Vladimir Romanov and new coach Anatoly Korobochka will boot him out when his loan deal expires in the summer.


His agent, Alexander Fedoseev, said: "Laryea is very keen to stay at Hearts but he is concerned that won't happen because of Saturday.


"He regrets what he said to the referee and the red card.





"He was full of emotion and regrets what happened. He thinks he has brought shame on the city and the club.



"Laryea wants to win things with Hearts but he hopes what happened won't cost him his place there." :o :o



Kingston's case has been referred to the Disciplinary Committee, which convenes on May 1, and more penalties could be imposed.



He got a one-match ban for picking up two yellow cards against the Dons, ruling him out of this weekend's visit of Dundee United.



Kingston was also hit with a second red card for using "offensive, insulting and abusive language" towards ref Conroy.



The player is on loan from Chechen side Terek Grozny and had become a big hit with Hearts fans.



Fedoseev was hoping to open talks with the club next week about making the move permanent.



He added: "Laryea has been feeling very good and is loving his time there.



"I was hoping to begin talks soon because he feels Hearts have great potential and could compete against Celtic and Rangers.



"He is enjoying the challenge and that is why he hopes his mistakes on Saturday are not punished."



Kingston apologised for his actions on Monday and is believed to have been docked two weeks' wages by the Tynecastle club.



An SFA spokesperson said: "The referee's report has been received and the player has been suspended for two games as a consequence.



"The first suspension is down to him being sent off in the game and the second is because he has been reported for using offensive, insulting and abusive language towards the referee after being sent off."



Only 2 games?

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You have to be kidding me - 2 games ???:o


Minimum suspension for a straight Red is 3 games with even a kids league here!  What kind of message does this send?


Here is a guy who got a red for hitting from behind causing injury and then made racist remarks to a ref and he only gets 2 games?



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And here's English goalie Steve Banks, showing everyone how not to wear a kilt.




I see the following awards are on offer.


- Chatham Honda Players Player of the Year Award

- Players Young Player of the Year

- Supporters Player of the Year

- Supporters Young Player of the Year

- Goal of the Season

- Most Memorable moment


I think that it should actually say...


- Chatham Honda Players Romanovs Player of the Year Award

- Players Romanovs Young Player of the Year

- Supporters Romanovs  Player of the Year

- Supporters Romanovs Young Player of the Year

- Romanovs Goal of the Season

- Romanovs Most Memorable moment

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