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Falkirk cup replay: match thread

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Seventh goal of the season for Smith.

Considering the games he has missed, its nae a bad return


Excellent return mate but I reckon it's to be expected he'll not be firing properly every week after a so heavily punctuated with injuries.


He has been so up and down.


Eh Sneckie, bet you wish Lovell was down right now . . . .  

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Can't get either of the Scottish games to work for BBC commentary.


As for the live chat, live isn't a word that flashes into my mind to describe it.


Nicsac is there.


Will keep you updated. I've got Radio Scotland commentary online working fine


LSC a goal down ;D

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Funster sometimes in the past when I've had a prob with online commentary I've found it works in the standalone player okay. I think it's a uni problem tonight for me though, so annoying as I stayed in to do work and have done nothing in an attempt to find some commentary.


Yeah tried that too, only the English ones that are working for me, no reason why that I can think of.

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