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Groningen Away

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Can't help it if the dutch team only allocates 1100 tickets.


Interesting to see how many tickets they have been allocated for next Thursday.


Has there been any confirmation of our allocation?


I've entered the ballot. I think. It's been a fucking shambles thus far.


I've heard B&G are guaranteed a ticket and I've also heard that they'll only get priority over others for any tickets remaining after the ballot. No cunt knows.

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Due to a number of supporters who were successful in the ticket ballot for our away match against FC Groningen opting not to purchase their tickets, we now have a surplus of tickets available for those travelling without a match ticket.


If you wish to purchase one of these tickets you can do so by visiting the Pittodrie Ticket Office or by calling 01224 63 1903.

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Cracking result, I really didn't see that coming.

Well done to the team, another great European result.  I see from Twitter that Paul Mason and Theo Snelders were there - two cracking players, I was a huge fan of Paul Mason as I know a few others on here were.


And it looks like it kicked off a couple of times in town, naughty lads! :ooh:

Judging by the video I saw, Jagerdeen can still run!  :wave:

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Great performance and result. I'm not convinced Groningen are as good a team as a lot of people are making out - they are fairly pedestrian, no real flair or cutting edge, but credit to our lads for doing the job so well.


Langfield though... seriously brutal. We can't go on with this clown in goals.

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??? I assume you're taking the piss of someone?


Absolutely not. Crap at the goal (as were his defenders), his attempt at coming for a cross by starjumping in front of their attacker at the back post when he could have claimed the ball before it had even got to him was just awful.

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