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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

Mark Wilson

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Hope he does well, if he's been shit that's down to a loss of form only because we know he's a capable player. Hopefully he can stay injury free and we'll see him recapture some of that good form from his Celtic days, at least he is a natural full back, and we've been desperate for options in that position. I'm still quite concerned about our back 4 this season.

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Seems he was fit all of last season...




MARK WILSON hasn’t a clue what football holds in store for him after being freed by Bristol City.

At 29, the former Celtic and Scotland full-back should be at the peak of his career.


But Wilson admits his reputation for being injury-prone is haunting him.


He played just nine games for the relegated Championship outfit last season — and the irony is he has never felt fitter.


Wilson said: “I’m at home near Bristol hoping to get something fixed up for the new season.


“I fully understand what people may be thinking about me. Because I only played nine games last season, I’m sure people automatically assume I’ve been injured.


“I know playing so few games looks bad and I can understand people thinking I wasn’t fit.


“It’s true that when I was at Celtic I was injury-prone.


“The fact is though, last season’s probably the only one when I’ve been fully fit and available to play for the entire campaign.


“I’m bored stiff sitting around the house, but I’ve a son at school and we can’t really do anything until his term finishes.


“I had the chance to go to Philadelphia Union in the MLS, but it was only a six-month contract.


“I’ve got a family to think about and it wasn’t right for me.


“I’m in the game at the wrong time, in a way.


“Five years ago if you were released you could look forward to a move and big signing-on fee.


“Now I’d settle for just having the feel of a ball at my feet again.”


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