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Craig Brown urges fans not to boo Sone Aluko

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CRAIG BROWN last night pleaded with the Red Army not to paint a bullseye on Sone Aluko's back.


The Nigerian international knows he faces a torrent of abuse from the fans who once idolised him.


But Dons boss Brown is begging them to let the 22-year-old relaunch his career with the champions in peace.


He said: "Sone was happy here but there is a shelf life for players and he felt it was time to move so there should be no animosity towards him.


"At the basic level he's getting a job when he didn't have one since leaving Pittodrie. What was he to do? Wait until Celtic or some other big club come in?


"Sone will do well at Ibrox because he'll see plenty of action in advanced positions.


"That will let him influence games and he'll be a crowd favourite there.


"We could certainly do with someone with that sort of sparkle. We asked James McFadden if he wanted to come here earlier this season and if he had been interested I know our board would have broken the bank to get him."

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I think some folk on here need to go have a lie down for a bit.


He's more than likely been asked directly by the author of the 'story' "Do you think Aluko will get abuse on his next appearance at Pittodrie?"


all he's done is answer the question and point out the fact that it's a job for these players at the end of the day. There's nothing in any of the quotes to suggest he is "Begging" or "Pleading" for fans not to boo him.


he's even managed to crowbar in a little appeal to the board about us needing a decent creative player in his answer.


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Craig Brown can get to fuck. Sick of hearing this shit from someone who quite frankly is a shit manager.



I've never liked the cunt ever. He bored me to fuck when he was Scotland boss. Normally he would get respect from me for managing to pull a bird a fraction of his age but back then I was more thinking of how fucked up she must have been, being barely in her 20's. Sounded like a mid life crisis to me and I can imagine how grey and dull his wife would have been.


He was out of fitba for years, that's how big his stock value is. His brother is an arse which doesn't make him an arse per se but safe to say their parents would have been the most boring, staid Scotspeople ever. Probably church-going mice who've never taken a risk their whole sad little lives.


First time I've ever expressed my true feelings about the AFC manager. Quite cathartic experience actually. I feel clean and refreshed. More like taking a massive dump than a steam room session. Probably both. Saying that I don't like Paw Broon is like having a dump in a steam room. With his ex-wife and her pals all watching, fainting and screaming according to their various constitutions.

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Still don't mind broon. He is just trying not to upset the apple cart. He has a pretty good record as a manager. Can we do better? debatable really. Who else is there? we yet again finding ourselves wanting to punt out a good manager who is trying to change the team, ok unsuccessfully just now, without looking at the one consistent. Managers and players change but, sorry to repeat myself, there is something rotten behind the scenes at Pittodrie and has been for years. Aluko is still a Prick but.

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Fit the fuck?

for fuck sake ffs sake

an errant fucking f

Fuck the fuck up or fuck the fuck off?


edit:At fucking broon and thingimy nae you ya cunt obviously.


edit2: which reminds me of stoner's latest musical masterpiece, to the tune of "why don't you go home" and to be directed at der hun "why don't you fuck up, you hun bastards why don't you fuck up"

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