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Steve Lovell

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Lots of injuries. Generally a big disappointment, was so pleased he signed.




Brother raved about him when he was at Dundee and was gutted when we signed him from them. When fit he did look a quality player. Sadly never fit for long enough.

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JC pursued Lovell for some considerable time, and I certainly was delighted when we eventually got his signature. Shame really that it didn't work out as we all hoped, but there are a few good memories he left us with....Huns, Bayern etc.


As has already been said, wish him all the best post football.


Is he still snapping that singing bint from Bishopbriggs  ???

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I was genuinely excited at the prospect of Steve Lovell and Lee Miller upfront for us - could've been the best striking partnership since Shearer/Windass. Alas t'was not to be, predominantly thanks to Miller's form and Lovell's injuries.


I remember Lovell when he was at Dundee, and thought to myself "why can't we have a striker like him?". The matches we played against Dundee when Lovell and Caballero were paired upfront would've been a delight to watch for neutral fans ... unfortunately they tormented our shit Steve Patterson inspired defence :-(

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