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Ricky Foster new captain

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Craig Brown has confirmed this afternoon that Richard Foster will be the new Aberdeen FC captain for season 2011/12.


Richard spoke to RedWeb shortly after he was told the news this afternoon "I must admit it came as something of a shock when the gaffer told me he was making me captain as there are more senior players in the squad. It's a tremendous honour and a privilege to have been asked and I will do everything I can to justify the faith the manager has shown in me. I played under Russell Anderson and Scott Severin here and learned a lot from both of them and I'm sure that will stand me in good stead.


"It's not just about the skipper though. You can be the best captain in the world but if the team doesn't gel, it won't happen. However, I've seen enough since I've come back to the club to see that this is a close knit group and one that gets on well together and we're all confident ahead of the new season."

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I think this is just for tonights game guys.  CB stated he would be trying various captains out before deciding. Mackie was captain vs Brechin and will be Captain vs Villareal


says on Redweb it's for the season.


Thought it was between him and Mawene for it, considering Mawene's only signed for a year and Foster's been here for a while it makes sense I suppose.

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article on the Dons Captains through the years:




1903-1904 Willie MacAulay


1904-1905 Duncan McNicol


1905-1906 Tom Strang


1906-1907 Rab MacFarlane


1907-1909 Ecky Halkett


1909-1917 Donald Colman


1919-1927 Bert MacLachlan


1927-1935 Bob McDermid


1935-1938 Bob Fraser


1938-1939 Willie Cooper


1946-1948 Frank Dunlop


1948-1849 Pat McKenna


1949-1950 Don Emery


1950-1952 Dave Shaw


1952-1956 Jimmy Mitchell


1956-1960 Archie Glen


1960-1962 Jimmy Hogg


1962-1963 George Kinnell


1963-1966 Ally Shewan


1966-1968 Harry Melrose


1968-1970 Jens Petersen


1970-1972 Martin Buchan


1972-1973 Steve Murray


1973-1975 Jim Hermiston


1975-1976 Bobby Clark


1976-1990 Willie Miller


1990-1994 Alex McLeish


1994-1996 Stewart McKimmie


1996-1997 Eoin Jess


1997-1998 Jim Leighton


1998-2001 Derek Whyte


2001-2003 Darren Young


2003-2007 Russell Anderson


2007-2009 Scott Severin


2009-2010 Mark Kerr


2010-2011 Paul Hartley


2011- Richard Foster


A few names there to send a shiver down your spine... MBT... was Ecky Halkett any use?

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