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Brown's transfer targets

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New Aberdeen manager Brown eyes move for McNamee


New Aberdeen manager Craig Brown will try to make former Livingston full-back David McNamee his first Dons signing.


The 30-year-old had been training with Brown's former club Motherwell with a view to a move there.


The Dons' only senior full-back, Ricky Foster, is on loan at Rangers and the club has been struggling to fill the right- and left-back positions.


The arrival of McNamee would lessen their dependence on 17-year-old Clark Robertson and their midfielders.


McNamee started his career at St Mirren in 1997 and signed for Blackburn rovers two years later. However, he failed to break into the first team and joined Livingston in 2002.


During that time he was capped for Scotland by Berti Vogts and featured twice as a substitute against Bulgaria and Japan in Scotland's Kirin Cup win in 2006.


He has since had spells at Coventry City and Plymouth Argyle where he was released last summer.

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Remember him being decent enough when he was at Livington, and he'd certainly be an improvement on Ifil or a midfielder at right back.


I'd imagine since he's been training with Motherwell lately there shouldn't be too much of a problem in getting him to sign.


Think Motherwell have a couple of players out of contract next month(Gow and Fitzpatrick), so I wouldn't be surprised to see us going for them either.

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He's been a decent player for years however he is very injury prone. Even at St Mirren he struggled with injury at times.


Certainly a welcome edition to the squad if this is true.


I wouldn't be surprised if Broon and Knox have been given reassurances of funds, or at least wages being made made available to get the right players in. Why else would he have taken on the poisoned chalice? Hopefully a couple will even have their contracts terminated in January as well.


Maybe, just maybe, this could work in our favour and as KGB touched on, Broon and Knox witnessing such dross yesterday may have them back at Milne's door asking for even greater financial backing.


Finally can someone tell me what this great unrest is within the squad? I would love to know!!!

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But to be fair to those of us who did not see Mcghee as our saviour it appears Brown will once again have to get rid of some players to get more in. Hes not being given a transfer kitty to spend.

And Brown I presume will not emulate his predecessor and immedietly get rid of all our strikers and/ or goalkeepers and buy nothing but full backs.


Mcghees antics in the transfer market put me in mind of playing football age 5. If you were fat, wheezy, shite at football or all 3 you were defence or goalkeeper. Everyone else was a striker so the game was basically a rugby scrum running up and down the pitch or hall occasionally having to side step 2-3 speccy fat kids who would camply stick a leg out hoping the ball would magically stick to it. Since the other team was the same the matches were pretty much equal.


Unfortunaly for Mcghee it will be at least 5more years before the SPL reaches that level

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Dont really know anything about Jennings, in fact, never heard of the guy (presume its a guy) but would take the other three... ok Blackman is another striker but he is on form.


Does anyone know if these are the players that contracts run out in January?


Blackman's loan deal is up in Janaury and Gow's short term deal expires then as well. Not a clue about the others.

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McNamee was in the paper saying that Dons expressed an interest in him in the summer but never followed it up.


makes it even worse to consider both him and Basey could have been signed for 7 Panina stickers. I heard McGhee only had 1 club badge though and needed a badge for each.

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Saunders is a centre/right back who is decent enought but prone to a few errors.


Jennings is a centre mid that the Motherwell fans rate very highly apparently.


Can't see us being able to fit Blackman into an already stupidly unbalanced squad?


Gow aint eh same player he was a few years ago, not sure.

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Aberdeen FC boss Brown to call on all his loan stars

Craig eyeing players in English Premier


By Sean Wallace


Published: 28/12/2010


CRAIG Brown today revealed he aims to bring in loan players from the English Premier League to Aberdeen FC.


Aberdeen FC boss Brown is set to utilise his contacts in England to bring in new signings during the January transfer window.


Brown has links with managers such as Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United.

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