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Paul Hartley

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I'll start by saying that this isn't a pop at him, as it seems all too easy in this current climate to look for scapegoats.


But he came to the club all guns blazing, vowing to instill a winning mentality, encourage and mentor the youngsters, make changes behind the scene like 'no mobile phones on matchdays, footwear in the showers, players tidying kit up behind themselves', etc.....


Seems strange to me that the best captain we've had at the club in years has came when we've hit our biggest downer in years.


So what has happened?


Surely he's been here before with Hearts.  He's had experience of slumps, backstabbing, unease in the boardroom, changing room squabbles, managers with squeaky bums and so forth.


Has he been sucked into the AFC void and swallowed by the dour forces that hang over the club?


Has his head went down as well?


Is he hitting his head against a granite wall like the rest of us?


I can't for the life of me imagine it was all just hot air to win the fans over because he genuinely looked and sounded ("we this" and "we that" in interviews) like he was happy to be at the club.



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We were in the shit long before Hartley came. Just look at the 2nd half of last season.

There is only so much a captain can do. For all we know Mcghee is not listening to the advice of Hartley.

Hartley certainly seems to shout at them and tell them where to be positioned. Even when he was injured he was on the sideline barking instructions.

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But he came to the club all guns blazing, vowing to instill a winning mentality, encourage and mentor the youngsters, make changes behind the scene like 'no mobile phones on matchdays, footwear in the showers, players tidying kit up behind themselves', etc.....


I'll add some fuel to this fire, all of the above glosses over the fact that he hasn't actually played very well since he's signed for us.  Not the worst by any stretch, but he shouldn't be immune from criticism for his own performances and he needs to step up and lead by example.

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Haven't seen us in the flesh very much this season but when I have, Hartley hasn't looked any better than anyone else.


In fact, when I've seen us, our best player has been McArdle.


Not seen the games when he has played full back then.


As for Hartley I would say that in the few games I have seen he has been decent for first 50 or 60 minutes but then faded badly.

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Agreed. The stuff you hear about hartley off the pitch is fantastic but his form on the pitch has been patchy at best. Maybe it's exaggerated because the majority of the team are unable to compensate for his loss of pace and sharpness. But still, not as good as i'd hoped.

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There are some folk putting 2+2 together (no one here) and getting 5. There have been suggestions Hartley will be on our coaching staff very soon, put it that way.


So not innuendo then about some brokeback mountain re-enactment......disappointing.
















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Brown losing fight over Hartley



By Paul Third


Published: 30/04/2011


Paul Hartley

More Pictures


Aberdeen manager Craig Brown fears he is losing his fight to stop captain Paul Hartley from retiring this summer.


The Dons captain has told his manager he is considering calling time on his distinguished playing career after struggling to cope with niggling injuries this season.


Brown had hoped to convince the former Hearts and Celtic midfielder to wait until the players report back for pre-season training before making a decision, but admits he is fearing the worst.


He said: “I have spoken to Paul and he has made it clear that he is considering his situation as his body is tired.


“He still has another year to go and I would be happy if he was fit enough to honour his contract but I think it's 60-40 against at the moment.


“That's just my feeling but I have said to him to wait and see how he feels after resting over the summer.


“I think the injury has deflated him as he just loves to train and play and that hasn't been possible.”


Brown, meanwhile, has called on his players to restore some pride in the final four matches of what has been a poor season.


Brown has achieved his aim of keeping the club in the SPL despite recent results being poor, but he insists the players have performed better under him than they have been given credit for.


Brown, whose side hosts Caley Thistle at Pittodrie today, said: “We want to finish with a few results that will give us a bit of pride and if we end with three or four wins we can do that.


“The results have been disappointing recently but we have suffered with a lot of injuries and lost points through defensive mistakes. Everyone quite rightly says Motherwell have had a good season but we have taken as many points as them since we moved to Pittodrie.


“When we came to Aberdeen the team had 10 points and now we have 33 points. Our recent run has been poor but we have not been able to field our strongest side for a long time now because of injury.”


Read more: http://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/Article.aspx/2246517#ixzz1L0AqdW3l


To be honest, I think it's best for all parties if he retired. He's honest and professional enough to admit he can't hack it anymore. I would love him to be retained as a coach though, would certainly do no harm to some of the younger lads coming through. It's a shame we didn't get him sooner, but then again, Hartley at his prime would not be at AFC.

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Fair decision if he retired, just seems like he arrived fine but his legs just went, it happens and with the added responsibility of trying to keep that band of tits together when organised by that catastrophe McGhee it's not hard to see how he got burned out. Maybe a couple of weeks of rest and re-charging may both change his mind and revitalise him. Doesn't sound like it mind.


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