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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

Stand Free!

Aberdeen v St Johnstone (sunday 11th April)


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Waterloo station for the first 30 then off to play the rob roy reds cup semi against brum.

Some pub in chiswick.

2-1 Aberdeen


Good luck the day min. We first played Brum in a semi in our second season and won and went on to win the Cup.




At hame.

Bed time.

2-0 Aberdeen



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In/oot: Oot


Prematch: Just about to get up to make breakfast for 6 kids who are here on a birthday sleepover


Match: Probably catch the 2nd half on ESPN


Postmatch: Tidying up the trail of destruction that has been left by a few 11 year olds overnight


Prediction: Gonna be optimistic and go for a dons win  :thumbsup:

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If we lose today, we are in so much shit its unbelievable. I cannot believe I am saying this but in the cold light of day, if we lose today McGhee has to be sacked on the spot. How the fucking fuck of a fuck up are we only 6 points from relegation sitting 9th in the SPL hoping that Falkirk, Killie and St Mirren dont win because we are fucking shit and cant do fuck all ourselves. This is a fucking disgrace.


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Fucking terrible performance.  Foster and Mackie almost get pass marks, the rest who started the game were terrible - particularly Ifil, Grassi and Kerr.  Diamond had a poor game as well.


Kerr needs throttled.  Sick of the sight of the cunt.  McGhee needs to grow some balls and drop him.  He also needs to resign IMHO.  We are in a terrible mess now.

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