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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

Stand Free!

First set of games gone - where do you think we will finish?


Which position will we finish the season  

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  1. 1. Which position will we finish the season

    • 1st
    • 2nd
    • 3rd
    • 4th
    • 5th
    • 6th
    • 7th
    • 8th
    • 9th
    • 10th
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I honestly don't have a clue where we'll finish up, I think it's still too early to judge tbh.


There have been moments in a few matches where I've been quite impressed but equally there have been moments where I've been totally dismayed.

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5th or 6th. I still think the tabke will look pretty much as it is now with regards to the top six.

Hibs have spent a bit of money in the transfer market this season and seem to have bought quite wisely so I think this will see them finish 3rd comfortably.

Dundee United also have a good core of a squad so if they can stay injury free for most of the season then they will finish fourth.

I think 5th will either be hearts if mad vlad spends in the winter window or motherwell as they are playing well just now which may be a struggle for Gannon.

We on the other hand are not playing well and have no money to spend and our squad really is paper thin so any injuries brings the likes of Derek Young into contention which can only be a bad thing. Luckily for us most of the teams below us are even worse off financially and have even thinner squads.

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Not really fussed this season, This year is all about getting  young blood in the team and building for the future! Got three really good young lads getting lots of experiance in the first team, Have heard that there will be a few more shortly! After these guys have a season under their belt and we can get another experianced striker in theres no reason we cant cause a few upsets next season!

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A few upsets, Stoney?  Like what exactly?  We're Aberdeen, we're generally considered to be good enough to beat either half of the OF on the day, it would be no surprise to finish 3rd and it surely can't be considered an upset if we were to reach a cup final...so what is it you have in mind? Winning the Eurovision Song Contest? Getting a place in the Grand National?

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I think an upset for us considering the past 6/7 seasons would be getting to a cup final! And if we get there whats to say we cant win! I am seeing the changes in the dynamic in our team it might not be good enough YET but at least we have the look of a team who want to win, young players that are hungry for success. It takes time to right wrongs, at least the board seen the potential in the youth and made a change to the management to bring it on! Mcghee has a very stable platform to work with, im confidant next season will see good things for us!

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If you say that us getting to a cup final is an upset, then it is effectively saying that us losing to lower league opposition isn't an upset, and is indeed expected.  that should never be expected, it may not be as much of a shock as it should be but it should never be expected. 


at least we have the look of a team who want to win, young players that are hungry for success.


Young players who are hungry for success i'll give you. But what's the excuse for the experienced players? Kerr, Mcdonald, Miller? They basically look as though they couldn't give a rat's arse and if they are going to be continually picked - and let's face it, if they were going to be dropped it would have happened by now - then their attitudes and performances had better change otherwise this is going to be a long, trying season. Don't fool yourself.

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Whilst I agree this season could be considered a transitional one, with the January and summer transfer windows being busy ones, it is wrong to say that you 'shouldn't be fussed about this season'. Whilst it is important for the youngsters to get another full season under their belts and for McGhee to ship out those deemed not good enough for AFC and ship in those who he feels will add to the team, it is equally important to get the highest possible finish for bragging rights and more importantly, revenue.

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