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Scottish Cup Semi-Final - Aberdeen v Celtic

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Free Transfers

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Shamelessly nicked from Cheltenham's forum, (I'm even too lazy to type it out again so cutting and pasting). Because of the financial difficulties the club has had, and the resulting loss of the scouting network, MA has asked fans to email suggestions of potential signings, so there a few similar posts.


Club by club players released on free transfers.


Bristol City

Jennison Myrie Williams, David Noble, Dele Adebola


Bristol Rovers

Craig Disley, Joe Jacobson, Ryan Green, Craig Hinton


Wycombe Wanderers

Will Antwi, Scott McGleish, Leon Crooks, Robbie Rice, Magno Viera, Callum Botham, Darrell Ellams, Jamie Turley, Scott Shulton, Jordan Lumsden, David Pearce, Craig Read, James Reading


Swindon Town

Michael Pook, Lilian Nalis, Ben Joyce, Peter Brezovan, Chris Allen, Hamdi Razak, Blair Sturrock, Jack Smith, Jamie Vincent, Barry Corr, Sam Morris, Jake Hyde, Tom Evans



Craig Dobson, Glenn Poole, Brett Johnson, Adam Newton, Gary Smith, Seb Brown, John Halls, Darren Powell and Craig Pead



Stephen Hughes, Michael Ricketts, Paul Boertien and Hassan Bacchus


Northampton Town

Chris Doig, Leon Constantine, Colin Larkin, Greg Taylor


Yeovil Town

Luke Rodgers


Chester City

Ryan Lowe, Kevin Ellison, Paul Linwood, Laurence Wilson, James Vaughan, David Mozika


Crystal Palace

Ryan Carolan, James Dayton, Carl Fletcher, Scott Flinders, Paul Ifill, John Oster, James Scowcroft, Jamie Smith and David Wilkinson, Graeme Edwards, Kieron Thorp


Doncaster Rovers

Gordon Greer, Jason Price, Gareth Taylor, Darren Byfield, Tomi Ameobi



Adam Birchall, Michael Leary, Nicky Nicolau, Ran Kadoch



Dennis Souza, Marciano van Homoet, Diego Leon, Kyle Letheren



Rhys Evans, Mark Bower, Paul Heckingbotttom, Barry Conlon, Keith Gillespie, Kyle Nix


Bristol Rovers

Lewis Haldane, Sean Rigg, Andy Williams



Chris Lumsdon, Lewis Neal, Luke Joyce, Jeff Smith, Chris Howarth, Danny Carlton



Chris McCready, Mark Carrington, Stuart Tomlinson, Josh Thompson, Luke Danville, Nathan Abbey, Colin Daniel, Eugen Bopp



Peter Till



Jan Budtz, Arran Lee-Barratt, Jamie McCunnie, Joe Tait, Martin Young


Leyton Orient

Alton Thelwell, Wayne Gray, Paul Terry, Brian Saah, Danny Granville, Bradley Gray, Aiden Palmer, Solomon Shields



Rikki Bains, Joaquin Medinilla-Cabotti, Ahmed Deen, Francis Green, Jordan Hafsfield, Neil Harvey, Chris First and James Jennings, Christian Millar, Danny Thomas, Jamie Tolley, Matt Towns, Richard Walker


Notts County

Gavin Strachan, Richard Butcher, Adam Nowland, Adam Tann, Jamie Forrester



Omar Garcia




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I'd hazard a guess that the reason that most of those players are being released is because they are  League one's equivalent(s) of David Bus.....


Although having said that there must be someone in the 100+ players that are listed there that could do a job for us?

Chances of AFC finding said player? Fuck all.

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I don't know?


Luke Rodgers - a lot of unfulfilled early promise


Ryan Lowe - 16 goals in a relegated team


Paul Ifil - Decent right mid


John Oster - Worth a look


David Sousa - Likewise


Alton Thelwell - Not sure why Orient are releasing him


There's not a lot in there worthy of interest I suppose.


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Where do you guys find the time ?


I barely know the starting 11 of the top 6 SPL clubs names let alone whether they are good enough or not. I get my two daughters names mixed up for fuck sake.


Baggy lives down south and follows Cheltenham  :thumbsup:  I imagine he gets to see a few folk playing ;)


I have no idea who most of them are but good work btw, want to pass them onto Jimmy :D 

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Hodgkiss to come back?


West Bromich Albion have told Carl Hoefkens, Pedro Pele and Jared Hodgkiss that their contracts will not be renewed when they expire this summer.


And on-loan pair Jay Simpson, 20, and Ryan Donk, 23, will be returning to Arsenal and AZ Alkmaar respectively.


Reserve striker Sherjill MacDonald is also set to leave, with Belgian side Germinal Beerschot keen to sign him.


Baggies chairman Jeremy Peace says he wants to reduce the number of senior players at the club from 30 to 21.


"Buying players is certainly a possibility but what has proved successful for us over the last few seasons is the strategy of loaning players with an option to buy them," he said.


"Players such as Ishmael Miller, Juan Carlos Menseguez and Youssouf Mulumbu fall in that category.


"This summer we want to bring people in who can further strengthen the team even though we have gone down a level."


Manager Tony Mowbray added: ""I would suggest working with 20 players is feasible. I've always said 20 players is fine as long as I like them all and they are my players.


"The emphasis can only be on quality. We have got some quality players. We haven't got 20 at the moment but we have to strive to reach that figure.


"If you get 20 really good footballers that you like, there should be no problem. I think the nucleus of this squad can play in the Premier League."

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I would be delighted to see him replace Jamie Smith


Released by QPR after three months, released by Sunderland for a shite attitude and not given much of a chance at United mainly because of a shite attitude too.  No doubting his talent, but I'm not sure we can afford another big time Charlie... no pun intended.  ;)

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