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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

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EE: Burton O'Brien

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Burton is keen on move to Aberdeen

Former Owl keen on move


By Andrew Moir


Published: 12/06/2008


BURTON O'Brien today refused to rule out a move to Aberdeen if Jimmy Calderwood comes calling again this summer.


The 27-year-old midfielder has now parted company with Sheffield Wednesday and is looking to return north now he’s a free agent.


Dons boss Calderwood has been a long time admirer of the former Livingston man who has also served St Mirren and Blackburn Rovers.


“I know there was a bit of interest from Jimmy Calderwood before I moved to Sheffield Wednesday a few years ago,†said O’Brien, who is also interesting Falkirk.


“If he was to show an interest in me again, then I wouldn’t rule out a move there, but I have left my agent to deal with things while I enjoy a summer break.


“When I come back I’ll assess all the options on the table and make a decision from there.


“My agent has been speaking to clubs both in England and Scotland.


“But at this stage I’m not aware of anything other than that, and I’ll wait until I return before deciding what to do.â€


O’Brien kicked off his career with St Mirren and made just 26 appearances before signing for Blackburn in 1999 in a surprise switch.


He moved south to Ewood Park when Brian Kidd was the Rovers boss in a double deal worth £700,000 along with Buddies colleague David McNamee.


But the shock move failed to work out and Graeme Souness eventually let the duo leave Blackburn.


The pair then signed for Livingston in 2002.


O’Brien impressed on his return to Scotland and played 99 times for Livi, scoring 15 times.


He then joined the Owls in 2005 as he rejected overtures from Calderwood to move to Pittodrie.


O’Brien has been capped by Scotland at U21 level.


His application to switch nationalities in order to represent South Africa was rejected by FIFA in 2005 as he was too old to apply.


McNamee, another former Calderwood target, signed for Coventry City three years ago and remains on the fringes at the Sky Blues.


If Alan Maybury was to turn down Aberdeen’s contract offer McNamee could come into the frame as a potential replacement.

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This is exactly the same thing that Maybury is getting pelters for on another thread.  All he's doing is putting himself in the shop window and trying to attract some attention.


I see we've now stopped moaning about players who didn't sign for us first time around though.


Seems that players have limited options really:


1.  Go sit and warm the O.F. bench.


2.  Go down south and sit on the finges.


3.  Sign for the Dons with your tail between your legs having previously turned them down.

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We're just bitter that a player of Maybury's ability is considering NOT re-signing with us. Likewise, we're excited by the prospect of having players like McNamee and O'Brien sign for us in the first place.


It's only natural for football fans to get a bit expressive when talking about players that can BOOST their club's stature and overall quality. If you notice, nobody will really give a shit the day Derek Young decides to move on. There's the difference. Maybury is quality. We want him to sign for Aberdeen and NOBODY ELSE!

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This is exactly the same thing that Maybury is getting pelters for on another thread.  All he's doing is putting himself in the shop window and trying to attract some attention.


Do you think saying that "signing him would be a good option" is the same as endorsing his approach to finding a new club? It's not.


In any case, you're still missing the point about Maybury. We all know what Maybury is up to; and it is exactly the same as O'Brien, like you say. However, O'Brien is at least being honest about it. Maybury keeps telling us how delighted he'd be to sign for Aberdeen, yet keeps stalling in terms of actually signing a fucking deal!


Nobody is under any misapprehensions as to the way in which footballers decide between clubs these days: it's just a sad fact of life that they follow the most lucrative offers. But because we understand that, we don't expect them to dick us around by telling us how great our club is and how fantastic it would be to sign for us, when in reality there's been a contract sitting on the table for weeks with an empty dotted line at the bottom.



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Its nice to be tied with players we've actually heard of and not a dutch amatuer. Both played a descent level and with a premiership team. Hope they both come. 2 midfielders in might give seve a kick up the arse.Athough it would probably mean that if nicolson cant get a club and wanted to come back there's no room.

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I follow Coventry and MacNamee has had alot of hamstring problems down there but is VERY highly thought of. Alot of the fans rate him as the best right-back in the championship. Coleman hasn't had the chance to see him play yet so there may be a chance we could get him on the cheap as he's in the final year of his contract and they are looking at signing Eardley from Oldham.

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Obviously. Why would we be interested in a good player who would like to play for us who's better than the pish we already have.  ::)



  :hammer: :hammer:


You've seen him play recently have you?


Why do folk get so het up about Calderwood not signing someone like their opinion is of relevance or something?

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Haven't seen MUCH of him recently but he's a proven SPL player and was regular in the Wednesday line up. Jimmy was interested in him before and is one of the few players that we're being linked to that actually excites even if it's just a wee bit.

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