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Sunday 23rd June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇭🇺 Hungary

kick-off 8pm

SC - Clyde vs Dons

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As is typical, Scotland has had more winter weather at the end of the "winter" break. Will be interesting to see how that develops over the next month :D 

Clyde aren't in great form, so can see this being a pretty poor game but with goals. Especially since the man in the opposing dugout is the bin man, so i'd expect very little football to be played given their location in the league pyramid. They have had an uptick in form since McCall took over, so it’s going to make it interesting who actually gets a result here. Even though it should be us comfortably and they’re conceding goals every game.

Understand that there is a fan zone being set up?

We need to progress, or mentally, it'll be a thing that we can't navigate this round. I don’t care how, but progress we must.


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One of my least favourite venues for watching football. Plastic carpet and always freezing. Clyde are allegedly rotten this season so this is one we should be winning easily even with McCall having brought in some new players. Hopefully stick with a back 4 and Barron starting. Any repeat of last year’s Scottish Cup humiliation better see Barry fired before team bus is out of car park. 

In - work permitting

train then pub

Stand behind goal

train back to capital

3-0 Miovski McGrath and Clarkson


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They will be well motivated for sure, McCall doesn't like us much after his time at the Jutes.  I feel confident about this one though, I think the two weeks off will have been great for the squad both with getting some r&r and solid time on the training pitch.  It would be insane to move away from the back 4 after the performance in Dingwall. 


4-0 dons.  Miovski hatrick and Morris 

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Agree,Robson should get a rocket up his arse if he reverts to the 5 again,...he cant not have noticed the performance/player improvement v County.Thaw should be in by K/O

  Assuming sense prevails 5 - 1 Dons Miovski 2,Duk 2,Sokler late on 

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58 minutes ago, wee toon red said:

Keeper, two centre backs, two full backs, all the central midfielders and miovski. The right team based on the squad we’ve got but we’re crying out for wingers.

This line up is about accommodating our best players but at the end of the day we’re playing 1 up front against Clyde and have no wingers. 

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5 hours ago, redordead said:

I watched stenny tear Clyde apart a few weeks ago. Should've scored five in the first half. 

It's a win but it's not a convincing one. 

Hardly fills you with confidence but we’re through to the next round which is the main thing.

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Not going to overdwell on an awkward game,but I took McKenzie and Polvara as the positives,previously underwhelming

  Liked Sutherlands straight to the point "dyou think the 4 at the back is the way to continue". Robbo seemed reluctant to admit so,but hopefully sinking in 


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Overall I thought we handled that pretty well but I must confess I shat myself when they hit the post.   It was a solid enough win in the end against a stodgy team on a god awful pitch.  

Another busy period ahead.  We are playing 2 games a week until the 17th of February.  Tough games too, our next 5 are away to St J (god I hate Craig levien teams), away to hearts, home to dundee, home to celtic and away to der hun.  This could well be a make or break few weeks for the squad and Robson.  The St J, Hearts and Dundee games are must win for him (or at least 7 from 9) I would say because if he's going into a double header against the gruesome twosome off the back of poor results against some or all of those three the pressure will be on big time. 

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