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Re: Shay Logan
« Reply #100 on: February 27, 2019, 09:25:30 AM »
6'4" so will have the turning circle of a cross Channel ferry. Not really convinced he has been signed as a straight Logan replacement.....I've got a hunch we will see a change in tactics from now till season's end where we go with a back 3 and utilise any 2 from Lowe, McGinn, GMS and McLennan as wing backs so he's more cover for McKenna Devlin or Consi.

If I'm wrong then God help us on Sunday should he get put in at right back. Kent will tie him in knots.

I think you might be right. Although I don't think we'll necessarily change tactics for tonight and against the bottom 6 teams in general. Post split last season, we succesfully switched to a 4-5-1 type format with Ball as an additional midfielder. I expect he'll want to do similar this season post-split but with a 3 as you suggest.

I actually think we'd be better retaining the back 4. Considine's worst performances at left back were when we dicked about with a back 3 or 5, leaving his pace exposed (usually to a Tim winger). When he was left of a back 4 and able to sit right on top of his man he was significantly better and often very good. Given we have Lowe at left back, who is very forward thinking, in my mind we can just simply invert our lopsided one attacking full back, one defensive full back method to suit. I suppose it's pragmatism really. Even with this new guy, I suspect we don't have an actual right back, so we need to pick the least worst option. A back five would be fine up until we're due to fill the right wing back place. McGinn would be the only one, for me, that could be trusted to track back as well as get forward, but I think we'd struggle to accomodate that formation with our other personnel and we'll get congested - especially at Pittodrie which is quite narrow. Either way, we've nae got the perfect solution.