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glasgow sheep:
Seems ConDems have crashed down south as expected with Labour making pretty big gains. 
Be interesting to see how things pan out in Scotland but presumably given it is STV there won't be any councils where a party has overall control.  Apparently heading for the lowest turnout in years up here but then you'd hardly know there was an election on where I stay.  No posters or billboards and I only got one leaflet through my door which was Tory, which is bizarre given in my ward I'd imagine they'd do well to get even 4th on 1st preference never mind get anywhere near a seat.

Don't suppose it means much so far away from a GE but already had Tory MPs demanding Callmedave is more right wing after UKIP success in the south and comedy figure Lebit Opik demanding Nick Clegg resigns as leader of the Lib Dems (but seemingly stay on as Deputy PM).
Also glad to see that so far nobody has voted in favour of Mayors in various English cities. Total waste of time and money and nothing more than a celebrity driven ego trip (see B. Johnston and K. Livingston)

I voted Green party and independent in our elections. I didn't believe anything either Livingstone or Johnson had to say and the greens policy seemed to have achievable targets.

Looks like the BNP have done terribly again.  ;D

glasgow sheep:

--- Quote from: fatjim on May 04, 2012, 10:14:14 AM ---Looks like the BNP have done terribly again.  ;D

--- End quote ---

Lost all seats they were defending I think.

Meanwhile not looking good for the Lib Dems up here

--- Quote ---Rory Reynolds tweets: Humiliation for Lib Dems in Pentlands as they come behind Independent Professor Pongoo, who got nearly 450 votes
--- End quote ---

Labour could come from 3rd to top in Aberdeen, presumably partly to do with the LibDem and SNP stance on the UTG.
Glasgow and Edinburgh too close to call.

glasgow sheep:
LibDems having a bad day, esp back home in Aberdeenshire:

--- Quote ---Final Result

SNP 28 (+6)

Conservatives 14 (nc)

Liberal Democrats 12 (-12)

Independent 11 (+3)

Labour 2 (+2)

Scottish Greens 1 (+1)
--- End quote ---


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