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Wednesday 19th June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇨🇭Switzerland

kick-off 8pm

Scotland Under 19s - Maguire scores twice

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Scotland U19's Grill the Danish


Scotland 5-1 Denmark - Under 19's International Challenge Match McDiarmid Park, Tuesday, 1st April 2008


Scotland's U19's gave a comprehensive performance to see off a strong Danish side 5-1.


Scotland opened up the scoring though a first half strike from Mark Archdeacon of Motherwell after 8 mins. The chance came from a cross from club team mate Jamie Murphy, the keeper unable to stop the ball rippling the back of the net.


The young scots were only on top for 2 minutes when Crawford of Aberdeen fouled Danish striker Schwartz Nielsen in the area and referee Colin Brown awarded a penalty which was coolly converted by Brain Laudrup's son Mads.


Scotland's spirits were not to be dampened though and Aberdeen's Chris Maguire put the Scots ahead once again with an outstanding strike. Just 3 minutes later Motherwell's Jamie Murphy scored goal number 3 sending the team in on top at half time.


Scotland started the second half strongly as Denmark appear to struggle to get out of 1st gear.


A second goal fired home by Jamie Murphy took Scotland's tally to 4 in the first minute of the second half. The goal fest was completed by Chris Maguire just 11 minutes later.


3 Players from the North East clubs made the starting line up with Ryan McCord giving a strong performance in midfield creating plenty of opportunities for the strike force which included a cross for Chris Maguire's second goal.


Jonny Russell, Michal Paton and Ryan Strachan all came on in the second half for Dundee United and Aberdeen respectively, taking the tally to 6 north east players for the match.


Chris Maguire was in superb form tonightScotland - Andrews, Crawford, Hanlon, Marr ©, Harvey, Tolmie, Maguire, McCord, Murphy, Tidser, Archdeacon.

Subs - Martin, Strachan, Russell, Currie, Templeton, Paton, Gillespie.


Denmark - Vang Larsen, Hansen, Hoegh, Kristensen, Laudrup, Nielsen, Nordstrom, Pedersen, Povlsen, Haarslev, Wass. Subs - Lossl, Huldgaard, Hansen, Hjort, Jensen, Tuchsen, Kanstrup.


Referee - Colin Brown


Good to see him scoring twice.


Anyone go to the game?

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Aberdeen's Chris Maguire put the Scots ahead once again with an outstanding strike


The goal fest was completed by Chris Maguire just 11 minutes later


Chris Maguire was in superb form tonight


:clap: Gaun yersel Maguire!  :clap:


bebo was total and utter garbage. the goal was an absolute fluke for him, right place, right time.


i still thought Maguire was garbage. We really need to get that guy out on loan to toughen him up a bit. That goal will probably only go to his head.


it was total luck and nothing to do with skill or ability


etc.. etc...


Humble pie for breakfast guys?!!  :thumbsup:



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Humble pie for breakfast guys?!!  :thumbsup:




While I am pleased for him, I wouldn't think a couple of goals against some Danish kids would have any impact on the need to loan him out to toughen him up, that is still required.

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Good on Maguire. Still needs to be loaned out. I think we all know he's good in his own age group, but there is a huge gap between that and the first XI. Going on loan will toughen him up a bit more and knock a bit of arrogance out of him, then we'll be able to judge.

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The guy clearly has the necessary ability, especially when playing amongst his peers but as everyone can see, he just disappears out of games and loses the ball so fucking much he becomes a liability.


This isn't always due to his size, it's when he's under very little pressure too. Getting a wee time away for a while wouldn't necessarily do him any harm and maybe if he learnt his trade from the bottom up he'd appreciate what being at AFC actually means.

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I've said it before, but Maguire is a standout at his age group. Folk calling for him to be released havent got a fucking clue. With a bit of time spent in the gym and played through the middle, he will score plenty of goals for us.


If he cant control a ball by the age of 18 then we have every right to question his credentials as a pro footballer. He's put away a couple of jammy goals for us, he's still no better than the likes of John Stewart at the moment.

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Better. :lolabove:


He's far better than Clean Thru Stewart though Padre and he's scored some impressive goals.


He's scored one OK goal against killie, the other two goals he's scored could have been a result of his shocking first touch rather than his actual eye for goal!  :wave:

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