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Wednesday 19th June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇨🇭Switzerland

kick-off 8pm


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Do any of you have strange superstitions before a game or have something you consider lucky you take to games?


I used to have a pair of lucky jeans, but they got ripped right up the back of the leg by a broken chair at Motherwell earlier in the season.



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Guest ally s


I always wear the same pair of boxers on a matchday. 


I also take the longest route to the train station every Saturday despite there being numerous short cuts.

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I find that booing Mackie everytime he touches the ball, berating JC for his tactics and shouting abuse at the Red Ultras in some way really helps the team onto greatness.


When I do that, they win 65% of the time all the time.




What's all this Red Ultras shite?  I see they are getting a hard time again.  Pittodrie would be a morgue without them.

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I am the lucky charm. Of the past 25 or 30 Dons matches I've seen, I think I've only seen 3 losses. One to Ra Shellick, one to Plastic Whistle (3-0???????) and one to Hearts in a blizzard when Steve Paterson was our manager.


I think all the rest were either wins or draws. But then, the copius amounts of OVD Rum may have blurred out the bad results.

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they weren't particularly lucky if you ripped them.


It was pre-game, I was attacking heppy - I blame him


As several of you already know, I always wear red knickers to every game  :thumbsup:


Yep I have seen them  :P


Dont have any pics of them though, but I do have pics of hebrews pants  ;D



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After that 4-1 humping at Tynie from the arab scum I made a vow never to let our workmate Graham come to another Dons game. The last one he attended a mere 16 years prior saw us dumped by Morton.


The man is clearly a Jonah and I shall do my level best to leave him in a nearby boozer.

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I have a superstition of sorts.


Whenever I get a fucked up migraine during a match, especially a big one, we tend to win.


United in the cup 3-2


Huns at the end of the season 2-0


Dnipro away 1-1


Tattie munchers in the cup 0-1


Lets hope you get a migraine in Seal Clubber Country!  :thumbsup:

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