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Scottish Premiershp

Saturday 20 August - kick-off 3pm

St Johnstone v Aberdeen

Stand Free!

Pre-season 2022/23

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8 minutes ago, RicoS321 said:

Dons legend Adam Montgomery with theirs. Should never have let him go.

Fucking marvellous 😵

Didn't take him  long to come back and haunt us.

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Posted (edited)

Presume this is how we're shaping up. Besuijen as a number 10. 

No Connor Barron in the squad. 

Edit: Just realised I've written Roos as Ross. 


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2 minutes ago, Panda said:

Anthony Stewart the captain...

Interesting choice.

Did wonder if might be in the running.

Seems to have been viewed as a leader at Wycombe.

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Looks like it finished 7-1. Yes, it’s preseason and brechin, but good to score 7! Anyone there? Curious to know if vinnie played centrally and if that’s his more natural or most effective spot. Not a kennedy fan but another goal, how’s he looking?

Not sure how anyone else sees it, but I wonder if playing in the league cup instead of Europe will give us a quicker and more realistic sense of where we are as a team. Hard to tell the level of opposition in Europe so while we have looked good in the early rounds of Europe that doesn’t always tell us how good we are. We see a championship, league one and league two team, expect decent wins and not only a few goals but clean sheets too.

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I watched the game on Brechins ppv on my phone.  Their defence was all over the place so don't read too much into the score though I would say we did look on it at spells. 


Besuijen played wide left best I could tell, the viewing angle wasn't the best and there was only one camera.  Biggest points of note for me were the rb Richardson looks a unit, polvara needs to work on his shooting and vinny was lively. 

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