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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

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  1. That may as well be on a different forum. This is the problem with different sub-forums and it's something I'll be raising at the Donstalk end of season cruise.
  2. He was linked to a move to Aberdeen, therefore this is the correct thread to stop other posters from asking if we've made a bid for him yet. Decision: Overruled.
  3. So let's compare the season ticket prices with Hearts and Hibs, who both have far better stadiums than us and therefore a wider selection of "good" seats. Firstly, Hearts and Hibs both advertise their season tickets prominently on the front page of their websites. Aberdeen you have to go searching for it. Full prices (not counting early bird) Half way line Aberdeen: £479 South Stand Hearts: £500 Wheatfield Stand, but the front rows are £350. Hibs: £450 East Stand (Hearts most expensive, but Aberdeen considerably more expensive than Hearts for the worst views down the front). Behind the goals (non-Ultras section) Aberdeen: RDU (which is restricted view) £479. RDR £560 RDF £448 Hearts: £400 & front rows are £330 Hibs: £415 for both upper and lower deck (Aberdeen far and away the most expensive. At some points £160 more than Hearts and £145 more than Hibs for similar views) Ultras sections Aberdeen: £391 Hearts: £330 Hibs (which is a new safe standing section): £415 (Hibs most expensive but can justify it with the safe standing being installed, and at £24 for the season Aberdeen aren't far behind) Cheapest adult ticket Aberdeen: £448 (or £391 if red shed) Hearts: £330 Hibs: £395 (Unless you want to go to the ultras section, you're looking at £118 more than Hearts' cheapest ticket) OAPs/Adult/Children (based on one OAP over 75, one adult and one child under 12, three generations going together) Aberdeen: £807. Or, if you can get tickets for the RDF - which is typically tough due to demand - then £722. Hearts: £730, or if going for bronze section in front rows then £620 Hibs: £770 behind the goals, or cheapest bronze section (near corner flags) £705 (Aberdeen most expensive and that's with having the cheapest children's prices. It'll shoot up if the child is over 12 or the OAP is under 75. Hearts, again, cheapest). Fair play to Hearts who despite having a waiting list for season tickets have chosen not to rip their fans off.
  4. https://www.afc.co.uk/2024/05/22/aberdeen-fc-welcome-matchwornshirt-to-pittodrie-stadium/ A smart move from the club, charge them for the shirts.
  5. But of a surprise this. Expected he'd be destined for bigger things than St Mirren and this actually looks like a step down.
  6. But then they get accused of being arrogant, and the club gets complaints from the spoiled brats parents. They signs are also a fire hazard. But more importantly, it's tinpot. Buy your own shirt, they're only £68.
  7. Lost 2-1 today. Friday night is Thelin's final home game in charge against Halmstad. Should be an emotional one for our boy.
  8. Not sure I count as a grown adult. Ajax have banned fans from bringing signs to games asking for players' shirts and I would fully support us doing the same.
  9. Really disappointed at the scenes at the end there. A lovely moment between the team and fans, but ruined by not one, not two, but three grown adults holding up cardboard signs asking for players' shirts. A growing epidemic and hopefully Jimmy Thelin will get that sort of thing to fuck next season.
  10. Glad to see Sokler start, I feel that we've not really saw enough of him to make a proper judgement despite being here for the season. I do wonder if Thelin has any say in the line-up, ie "play Sokler so I can have a look at him". Or if Ancelotti and Guardiola both asked Miovski be protected ahead of their bidding war next week.
  11. Would be a major surprise that.
  12. Usually it's a Scottish Cup final thing. We wore our 'new' strip in the 2017 final, but I believe Celtic didn't wear their new one even though they had already unveiled it, because Rodgers felt they should stick with the strip they had been unbeaten in.
  13. One month on and I'm far more impressed than I was when I wrote that. Playing better than I expected, although I do think some of the results have been better than the performances. I do wonder though how it'll be with Leven still at the club when Thelin comes in. If the players don't respond to Thelin straight away, do murmurs start in the dressing room that things were better under Leven etc? Goodwin came in with a scorched earth approach and got rid of anyone and anything that Glass had touched. I would hope Thelin doesn't do that. But in a weird way Leven's recent "success" has put a bit of pressure on him. That is, of course, if Leven doesn't get offered a manager's job in summer. Be some fairly big jobs available. Inverness maybe, although the rumours are Barry Robson for that one. Raith Rovers if Ian Murray is enticed by Hibs, and they could be a Premiership team. St Johnstone if they come to the conclusion the Craig Levein experiment hasn't worked. Even his old club Kilmarnock should Hibs go for Del (unlikely, as he doesn't fit their Brazil 1970 ethos).
  14. Goal and assist for the captain tonight
  15. A 6-1 win with 32% possession. What's Swedish for otrolig?
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