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Wednesday 19th June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇨🇭Switzerland

kick-off 8pm

Maguire story doing the rounds

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Pinch of salt required obviously, but don't shoot the messenger!


> This is genuine story from last night , honest truth no lie here


> My boss is Celtic fan , went down to game last night with 3 other Tims ,

> one of whos daughter was with them & goes out with Chris Maguire.

> When Maguire found out 5:30pm he weren't playing sent the bird a text

> saying "hope the Hoops hump they bast**ds now" & "come on the Celts" ,

> my boss seen the texts & told us , then after the game he was texting

> the bird "gutted we lost" & "all these pri**s celebrating on the bus &

> am sitting next to wan**r Calderwood" , fair enough being disappointed

> at not playing but he's shi*e anyway & a little mankhy rat to boot ,

> told his bird he wont sign for us again , we should be chuffed eh ?

> Never liked the little tw*t before , now I really hate him !!!



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According to Aberdeen-Mad, that was Duffer, nae Maguire...although Bebo wid mak mare sense in the context.


When somebody on Aberdeen-Mad posts "the blond haired duffer" I think you'll find he's referring to Maguire.  The post on Aberdeen Mad doesn't mention Stuart Duff at all.

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Can't see that to be honest, I thought he was injured too. He should be thinking more of trying harder to get into the team for the semi and final if we get there.

Why would he call his team mates pricks, surely he has some friends on the team.

Think it is just a Tim trying to stir shit. 

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Entire story has the whiff of shoite about it.




Or maybe Maguire is an undercover agent? Apparantly excellent in under 17's, 18's, 19's and so on, but when he gets near the first team and his "beloved" Celtic, he becomes the mince player we all know...

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Guest Caroline B

Well if every young loon is are going to be held accountable for every stupid thing they've ever texted a lassie to impress them, it's going to be a long queue.


Probably with me at the front.



Oh my knees have gone all a quiver!  ;D I'm well impressed

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Thing that makes me think this is true is the fact that on bebo he said "you know there's only one team in scotland" when that trouble with Rangers started, wouldna suprise me and someone should have a wee word with him to nip it in the bud before he gets even bigger for his already small boots.

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Oh well, I just thought Maguire had picked up a wee injury on Saturday hence his substitution and therefore was left out the squad cos of that.


Maguire was subbed on Saturday because he was playing like a schoolboy.  Despite scoring he had no control on the ball and his passing was about on par with my 6 year old for pace.

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