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Can Men And Women Just Be Friends??


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You were doing a'right there until you mentioned the words women and efficency in the same sentence.


Ken fit ye're saying but it's us that need wimmin and it's us who are more efficient when we have one. To love, to fuck, to make us food or a cup of tea, to clean the dishes, to wash oor claes and punts, to do the shopping, to argue with (in the early days).

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Late to the party SeeBass and apologies in advance if this offends you, but in my experience, women are total head fucks full stop. Masters at fucking with your head. Snakes with tits. Guys can be dicks too obviously, but we're not sleekit about it. If I read your comments correctly, she's married with kids? She's probably clocked that you seem to like her more than just a friend, and she's got a bit excited about it and had a bit of what she would call harmless fun, she is married and has kids and someone else is showing interest in her? She'll milk that shit without taking your feelings into consideration min.


Get yersel on to P.O.F and do as much shagging as you physically can, you'll meet your soul mate eventually.

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We will never understand women, how they think, how they do things.


If you met on the internet then easy come, easy go comes to mind.


Did she feel that you were beginning to love her? Sorry, silly question. I should say, did you love her?


If you didn't, you had been test-driving her enough for her to know.


Relationships of convenience aren't supposed to be a substitute for the real thing and the internet is hardly the best place to find it, although of course it has worked for many.

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I'm with Eddie on this one


Although it's not surprising because I think they based the Eddie Hitler character on me.



It seems that the youngsters disagree though.

God help us that they would ever have to actually go out and talk to someone.





I read recently that the Schools are having trouble getting this generation to pass exams because they just don't have the vocabulary



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