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Saturday 9th March 2024:  kick-off 12.15pm

🏆 Scottish Cup Quarter Finals 🏆

Aberdeen v Kilmarnock

🔴⚪️ Stand Free! ⚪🔴

Motherwell v Aberdeen

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Team News:

The Dons injury crisis that threatened to play havoc with Jimmy Calderwood's preparations appear to have eased slightly as the manager revealed today. "The injury situation as it stands is we have four players out for this Saturday. Jackie McNamara is out, Jeffrey De Visscher is out, although it looks as if he will be fit for Thursday, Jamie Smith is out, but could be fit for Thursday, and Darren Mackie is out but at least he has started back in light training.


"Zander was back in training today as was Touzani and we will see how they go but it looks as though they will be fit. Darren will hopefully be back by the beginning of the New Year. Touzani was really upset by what happened with the freak accident and he took it quite hard as he appeared to be coming on to form but his chin is up and he should hopefully be fit for selection."


Was looking for Well team news on their site but found nothing.

I did however find this, quite fancy pretending to be a Well fan for a half an hour on Sat morning:


he return of the "All-Day Breakfast"


Someone not very famous once said "Stick to what works best" and this Saturday in the Davie Cooper Suite, Motherwell are pleased to announce the return of the "All-Day Breakfast" for fans wanting a pre-match feed.


Sizzling sausages will be on offer, along with other early morning appetizers such as Bacon, Hash Brown, Eggs and Tattie Scones served with the optional (and often obligatory) beans all for just £3. In addition, filled rolls will be available for £1 or £1.50 for a "doubler" for those watching their "waist-line".


Doors open at 11am and ALL Motherwell fans are welcome but please be aware the Suite will operate on a first-come-first-served basis.

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Motherwell have no fitness worries ahead of Aberdeen's trip to Fir Park.


Well chief Mark McGhee may select the same side who started the victories over both Gretna and Hearts with Keith Lasley pushing for a recall.


Aberdeen are minus four players, with Jackie McNamara, Jeffery de Visscher, Jamie Smith and Darren Mackie all on the sidelines.


Zander Diamond and Karin Touzani are both in contention however for a return to the Dons starting line-up.


Motherwell squad: G Smith, Quinn, Paterson, Craigan, Reynolds, O'Donnell, Hughes, McGarry, Clarkson, Porter, McCormack, Lasley, D Smith, Grabban, J Murphy, Fitzpatrick, McLean, Corrigan.


Aberdeen squad: Langfield, Hart, Byrne, Considine, Diamond, Mair, Foster, Severin, Nicholson, Clark, Touzani, Young, Aluko, Miller, Maguire, Lovell, Jonathan Smith, Paton, Soutar.


And now the weather


8.gif 3c - chilly!

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most of them dress like fairies anyway.

Hi Jim :wave:


Don't know if I would go as far as BTR

JC changed the defence yet again.  Can't help feeling Touzani dropped back merely to accommodate Seve in the middle.  Byrne had actually done pretty well in the middle of the back four last time out. Unfortunately on the left he showed us exactly why we thought he wasn't a footballer with a quite frankly horrific performance.

Well tore us to shreds all over the park but particularly down that left side, where all 3 goals came from.


Seve was his usual useless self in the middle and Lovell has clearly lost any striking ability that he once had.


JC didn't need to change the defence other than to bring Diamond in for Mair....was he resting foster for the UEFA game?

Seve should have stayed on the bench and let Touzani and Barry Nic start in the middle.


Mind you even despite this we should have had more to offer than we did.  Clearly minds were on Thur as Motherwell were quicker, sharper and hungrier than our lot.  They actually looked a decent side, and clearly better than united and hibs.  They may well struggle if they get injuries, but then they don't seem to have the same training regime as us that results in a new batch on invalids each week. 


From today I would give Miller and Aluko pass marks.  The rest were shocking and we won't be in europe again next year if we play like that every week.


Having said that I still see no reason why we shouldn't be in the top 4.  Hibs again failed to beat a bottom 6 side today and united will drop points more often than not. 

Trying to remain optimistic, and Davie Hay reckons we'll beat the danes on Thur.  So bring them on!

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'In 20 years of following AFC, i have never seen such an amateur performance, even throughout the bad years. With the exception of Lee Miller, every single player had the worst game of their lives.'



Pretty much what I thought!


Fucking atrocious, an utter shambles.


A Motherwell fan told me before the game they were going to hump us, I stupidly laughed at his opinion. Ooops!


Never seen our team so disorganised/not bothered.

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Reminded me of that game at Livingston a few years back, although the score escapes me as I've attempted to erase it from my mind. Think the only thing I remember from that game is John Stewart running through on goal and the ball hitting his back, summing up the whole game.


One of the worst performances under Jimmy, just hope Thursday provides the best.

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In 20 years of following AFC, i have never seen such an amateur performance, even throughout the bad years. With the exception of Lee Miller, every single player had the worst game of their lives.


From my leg crushing wooden seat in the main stand, I could see a lone red figure ranting like no other in front of a bunch of santas.  I figured that it may have been Mr BTR. :thumbsup:


I too got in for £14  :thumbsup:


£14 more than I got in for. :thumbsup:

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