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League Cup Winners 2014

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It is pretty quiet on here today but I suspect most of you are still trying to take in yesterday's events


I have spent the whole morning watching the highlights over and over again - Canny actually believe how good our display looked, Langfield's penalty save was just brilliant and Rooney scoring that penalty which meant we had won the cup made me cry - I could watch the players celebrating all day long  :thumbsup:


The globes had a fantastic day - our morning rolls & prosecco on a train rammed with dons fans, our 30 shots of jagerbomb, zambucca & aftershock as well as my pints of gin & tonic  ;D


Being in a red stadium was just tremendous and I am so chuffed for the globes as a supporters club all being there to cheer our team, especially all the youngsters who had never seen us win a trophy. I was proud that we clapped Inverness when they got their medals and us singing along to The Human League and KC & the Sunshine Band with our tributes to Peter Pawlett & Jonny Hayes made me giggle  ;D


I loved the thousands of us walking back into Glasgow, a huge snake of red & white - I hope that we get the chance to do it all again in May but I think whatever happens we should just treasure this win of ours from yesterday, we all know they don't come around too often but when they do it is the most amazing feeling in the world and one to be savoured


One last thing - in the pub after the game we bumped into a dad who was an ICT fan and his sons, only one of whom was a dons fan - the dad had been an Aberdeen fan until his wife had persuaded him to change allegiance. Sadly she had passed away earlier this year and they were saying how much she would have loved to have been at the final. It was so sweet to hear them talking about her and we had a little toast. It was also lovely that they could all go to the game together and support different teams and that is the best thing to come out of that final


Enjoy today and how nice to wake up as cup winners  :AFC2:



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Well said. Your last thought there reminds me of a thought of my own that I had as I watched the players and the fans below me celebrate. My own Mum (who passed away almost 10 years ago now) was a die hard Dandy and  had been taking me to games for a number of years including every game in that last successful cup run in 1995. I found myself thinking how much she would've enjoyed seeing us finally lift the cup again. I guess it was an emotional time for many Dons fans and that there were many, many more who unfortunately couldn't be there.


I thought we showed class also when ICT went up for their medals. Although something tells me had it been Dundee United, The Rangers or Celtic that wouldn't have panned out that way! I'd have fucking booed them anyway!  ;D The Caley fans showed their class at times as well.


And I'm really glad that Hayes and Pawlett got the ovations that they so thoroughly deserved. Seeing the rest of the players lift Pawlett up as the chorus hit was tremendous.


Here's to beating St. Johnstone at Ibrox and doing it all again in May. COYR!

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And I'm really glad that Hayes and Pawlett got the ovations that they so thoroughly deserved. Seeing the rest of the players lift Pawlett up as the chorus hit was tremendous.



When the players lifted Pawlett, McInnes was jumping up trying to get him down again, obviously worried about his injury!  ;D


Brilliant day all in. Got to the pub for 11 and had a great laugh with a great bunch of folk. Bus journey was ace, singing all the way. Got into the ground to find we were right beside the BBC studio and got the Willie Miller chants started which he seemed to enjoy greatly!


The game seemed to pass so quickly. A pretty poor spectacle but the important thing was done. Think Cammy Smith and Nicky Low should be proud of their performances - two relatively inexperienced players who took responsibility on and showed what they're made of.


Enjoyed the celebrations and got back to the Rock after the game and our celebrations lasted well into the small hours. So many folk in our group had never seen the Dons win anything before - the delight not to mention relief they feel must be huge.


The best thing about this team is that they are a likeable lot; it's a squad full of honest players, not just a few littered with many jokers as it has been in recent times. The spirit there is unquestionable, again something that has been missing for so long. Well done to DM and his team, they deserve all the plaudits coming their way.

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Best thread ever. What's the opposite of a bronze rat?  ;)


Whilst I've been enjoying the celebrations with my real life friends, I did manage to spare a thought for you lot, the donstalk community. We've been on quite a journey together, last time we won silverware I'd never used a mobile phone or even heard of the internet. You fuckers hadn't even been invented back then. And since I first dipped into donstalk all those years ago it's been a bit of a roller coaster for us all, discussions and disagreements about topics as diverse as Managerial candidates to cherry bakewells, and everything in between. And it led us to this point. A support that was as united as it was impressive, all dreaming of the same outcome, and celebrating together when that dream became a reality. Something tangible at last. 


So here we are. Joy, relief, disbelief.... And a hunger for more. Cyber hugs to each and every one of you.


Donstalkers, wha's like us?


Nae cunt.  :-*

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