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Wednesday 29th May 2024

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Dundonians jailed for attacks on dons fans

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Two football thugs were put behind bars and banned from attending football matches after launching violent unprovoked attacks on innocent opposition fans after a match at Dens Park last year.


William Simpson and Lee Stewart, both from Dundee, even boasted on Facebook before their sentencing, swearing and saying they did not care that they were about to be sent to Polmont Young Offenders Institution.


They were sent to detention after Dundee Sheriff Court was shown CCTV footage of their violent attacks on Aberdeen fans.


The incident was captured as supporters made their way from a game between the Pittodrie side and Dundee FC at Dens Park on December 29.


Despite facing custodial sentences, the brazen pair took to Facebook, with Stewart claiming their attacks were “worth it”.


Just an hour before he was due in court, Stewart wrote: “I don’t care I love it!! Was it worth it course it f****** was!”


Simpson added: “F****** bring on Sheriff Brown.”


Dundee fan Simpson and Stewart, a Dundee United supporter, are members of the Alliance Under Fives casuals group and display images of the gang on their Facebook pages.


Simpson targeted Dons fan Connor Leslie as he walked on Shore Terrace, close to the railway station, as he headed for a train home.


Simpson approached Mr Leslie, asked if he was an Aberdeen fan and, when he confirmed he was, immediately threw punches, knocking him to the ground, before straddling him and repeatedly punching and kicking him on the head and body.


Police CCTV operators saw the violent attack and followed Mr Leslie with their system as he headed for the station. They then caught Stewart attacking an unknown Aberdeen fan at the station, punching him on the back of the head.


Depute fiscal Laura Bruce told the court: “The match resulted in a 3-1 victory for Aberdeen and following that a number of visiting fans left Dens Park and made their way to the railway station.


“At around 5.25pm Connor Leslie, who had attended the match but been refused entry due to his intoxication, was crossing Shore Terrace towards the station when he was approached by Simpson, who asked him if he was an Aberdeen supporter.


“He said he was and without warning the accused proceeded to assault him by punching him, knocking him to the ground. He straddled him and repeatedly punched him and kicked him to the head.


“Mr Leslie got up and made his way to the station where he was traced by police and found to have a pained, swollen and bloodied nose.


“Because the CCTV operators were following this it was then noted that Lee Stewart had come up behind an unknown male making his way to the station and punched him to the back of his head.”


Simpson, 20, of Balunie Drive, and Stewart, 20, of Baldovie Gardens, pleaded guilty to charges of assault.


Solicitor Lesley Beats, for Simpson, said: “He is remorseful.”


Sheriff Alasdair Brown detained Simpson for 11 months and Stewart for three months.


He also imposed 30-month football banning orders on the pair.

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Sounds like the typical wannabes


My one question is this though


I the only person who hesitates to answer the question 'Are you an Aberdeen Fan' especially when I'm on my own in a rival teams city?



[/size]No, especially to little shits.

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Eleven months and three months....some fucking punishment that......three square meals a day, every leisure facility they could wish for and time off for good behaviour.

Watch yourself in Scumdee this coming season, they'll be out to repeat it all over again.

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I can honestly say I've never been asked.



Although speaking of pricks from Dundee I did once get started on by two fuds after some kids chucked some snowballs at us and I chucked some back. It was only a bit of a laugh in the snow but the two big hard boys wanted to batter me. Pricks.

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