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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

The Brown Retiral

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If he's involved in talking to potential signings this is exactly what I've hoped for all along.


Club in handling the situation well shocker!


Have they? Certain board members have been privately telling people since December that Browns contract will not be renewed. Not exactly very professional.


Glad hes going. Not happy that he will have a say in who replaces him as last thing I want is him recommending one of his old pals to continue the negative pish we have been watching.



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Jim Spence has been tweeting from the Pittodrie press conference:


"Craig Brown would stand down before seasons end if right candidate identified to replace him."


"I'll be astonished if we don't get the success next season that we hoped to have this season says Craig Brown"


"Brown tempted to stay for another season, but leaving his successor with an excellent squad and will be at the club as non exec director"


"Brown doesn't feel the club has a manager in mind, but texts already in last two hours from managers in and out of work looking for the job"


"Brown flattered to be asked to join board, he loves Aberdeen fc, didn't think have to think twice. Will never encroach on manager."


"I was unbeaten in twelve games at start of season but it appears I'm now a worse manager"


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don't think there's any need for the negativity now. time to back the club. on the field's been a big disappointment but there's no doubt there is less of the toxic atmosphere with a dressing room full of cunts like we had under the last couple of managers.



i do think the foundations are there for a successful side. that wasn't true when broon took the job.

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Good, and inevitable, move.

This season started with so much promise, and indeed some of the best football I have seen in years, but has petered out like so many before.  I'm not sure I blame Brown for that, although some tactical decisions have been overly negative at times.  Ryan Fraser leaving and a horrendous number of injuries are more to blame.

Anyway strange timing, would have thought they would have waited till after the split which makes me think they have been forced into announcing sooner due to their prime target (?Adams) being pursued by others.


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