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Aberdeen to bid for UK City of Culture


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Aberdeen's bid to become the UK City of Culture 2017 has been officially lodged.


The bid team must now produce a 30-page tender document by the end of April in an effort to persuade judges to put the city on the shortlist for the coveted arts title.


Aberdeen is expected to face competition from cities such as Dundee, Hull, Plymouth and York.


The winner will be announced in November.


Last month, BBC Scotland revealed that the team to head the bid had been appointed.


In 2009, Aberdeen withdrew its bid to become the UK's City of Culture for 2013 due to council finances.


Not sure why Aberdeen is bothering and why they are spending money on this.  Would much rather they ploughed it into a better transport infrastructure.


Hull is a helluva place, just dreadful.  However, I am not sure how this works, do they award it to places in need of investment?  If not, would expect York and Plymouth to be favourites.  Dundee probably has a better chance than Aberdeen seeing as they seem to be doing something about their city centre.

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This is probably the best place to put this.


ACC definitely do need to buck up their ideas:




Losing the obsession with creating more shops, offices and car-parking would be where i'd start.


Also sacking Willie Young from being their spokesman might be a good idea. Having all the parks in the world doesn't make up for the city centre's demise and their failure to accept the change in retail culture.

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