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Sunday 19th May 2024:  kick-off 3pm

Scottish Premiership - Ross County v Aberdeen

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

Good bye you horrible little cunt

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Chick Young's  :wave: view on Aberdeen's plight

By Chick Young  :wave: BBC Scotland football pundit


Rangers have released a CD of Christmas songs, tweaked to an Ibrox theme. The Christmas Bouncy and Silent Night, Rangers Night are among the classics.


Sadly, they haven't gone as far as Away in a Ranger and I'm Dreaming of a Craig Whyte Christmas, but at least someone at the club has, A) retained a sense of humour or B) realised how desperate the current financial mess really is.


In which case watch out for the fifty greatest court cases DVD coming out soon.


Of course crimes against music don't count in Scottish football. Just cock an ear to most grandstand anthems and you will just catch my drift.


Still, no need for the bah, humbug routine from your old reporter. If a wee bit of music makes someone happy this festive time then empty your lungs.


Frankly though the New York Philharmonic, Sinatra, Streisand and old Bing himself couldn't cheer up Aberdeen fans this mid-winter. Although they could attempt a chorus of Things Can Only Get Better…


Weather-wise it's colder than a penguin's nose at Pittodrie, but there is an increasing chill between fans and the club - board, management and players - who have navigated a route to the bottom of the SPL.


How could it have come to this? How could the Dons, once so dandy, have become the division's laughing stock?


Craig Brown and Archie Knox have been managing since Moses was in a basket. How can all that experience not be working? The Dons took Jack and Victor. Would they have fared better with Isa?


I can't buy into the theory that Scottish football cannot afford to lose Aberdeen from its top division.


If they go down, Hell mend them. That's how league tables work and why should other clubs, who have made more prudent signings and worked their passage, suffer instead?

Aberdeen manager Craig Brown


Brown must lift an Aberdeen side that have won just three SPL games


If Aberdeen don't deserve to go down, does that mean St Johnstone - fighting away above their weight - don't deserve to be in contention for a European place? It's sport for heaven's sake. It's about the bounce of the ball, not about columns of profit and loss nor history.


When the Pittodrie board wooed Brown and Knox from Motherwell they bought experiences in skip-loads and applied that normally safe cure to the damage done in the Mark McGhee tour of duty.


But their prognosis was wrong. Or at least, so far the medicine has proven to be so. The anchor chain holding the Dons steadfastly to the bottom won't break.


Call them excuses or call them reasons, but wee Broon has plenty of them to explain why Aberdeen cannot progress. It's just that they aren't washing any longer. His statistics don't seem, somehow, quite as vital.


On occasion unlucky, but there is no denying that at times - against Hibs at Easter Road and St Mirren at Paisley - they have been dreadful, although in fairness in the case of the fixture in Leith the home team were hardly Real Madrid either.


And yet Aberdeen are far from marooned.


St Mirren for example, praised to the heavens for their start to the season, are still well within lasso range, and while there will be no Champions' League adventure for the club next season I still cannot conceive that come May the vultures will gather while the remains of a dwindling support will be checking train times to Dumfries and Ayr.


Meanwhile, why not try what Rangers have done and publish that Chrissy CD? Suggestions include Abide with Me, It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To and Help.

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Does anyone actually know WHY he hates Aberdeen and all things assosciated with us so, so much?


Did a doric loon pinch his ba when he was smal.....errrr younger?


Is he jealous?


Is he a closet gay?


Is he just an odious wee prick with an inferiority complex who Fergie detested?


Who knows.


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I heard a story that somebody walked up to him in Amadeus (the night before a Scotland game at Pittodrie many years ago) and asked for his autograph.  Said person got Chick to sign a bit of paper, then promptly tore it up in his face and walked off.

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I heard a story that somebody walked up to him in Amadeus (the night before a Scotland game at Pittodrie many years ago) and asked for his autograph.  Said person got Chick to sign a bit of paper, then promptly tore it up in his face and walked off.




Would love that to be true

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Chick Young 2002



When they conduct the post-mortem on the death of the once-beautiful game in this country, there will be only one verdict: suicide.


The killing of Scottish football will be self-inflicted. But it won't have fallen on a sword or swallowed an overdose.


This is death by financial strangulation - and it put the noose around its own neck.


What have we done to the old man? For 100 years, he strode along fit and healthy and financially stable, but now he is all but battered into submission, ready to give up the ghost and I don't know whether to be angry or sad....


But I have a problem with clubs who can eject their debt by going into administration and then resume normal service in the same division while former employees - and not just players - are left drowning in a sea of debt. It is morally wrong. "


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I thought they were punting the wee shit




Broadcasting July 09 2012 14:19


Young Reportedly in BBC Pay Cut Talks

The BBC Scotland football reporter and pundit, Chick Young, is reportedly in talks about taking a pay cut.


Reports the Daily Record today: "It is understood the football pundit has been offered a drastically reduced salary for his TV, radio and online work as managers look to cut costs."


The article quotes Young, as saying: "There are cuts across the BBC and they are hardly going to give me more money when they are giving people less."

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They were going to, but it turns out that BBC Scotland's share of the licence fees is conditional on his continued employment, and Scottish football journalism would die a slow lingering death if he moves to Radio Clyde.



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