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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

pars vs dons

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If anyone cares:




Aberdeen FC support will be accommodated in the East Stand.


It will be unallocated seating. Since our last visit Dunfermilne have installed a portacabin at the East End of the ground to enable visiting supporters to purchase tickets, prior to going to the turnstiles. There are NO cash turnstiles. Tickets are also on sale from our own Ticket Office. Large queues may form at the portacabin. As a result of this, Supporters are asked to allow extra time for gaining entry to the ground Prices Adult £20,Concession £12 and Under 12's £5


The Turnstiles open at 2pm.


No cash turnstiles? Really?  :hammer:

So everyone has to queue up at a portacabin then the turnstiles?  That makes sense.

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Craig Brown confident Mason is an Aberdeen FC star in the making

Jamie can follow in footsteps of Jim Bett


By Charlie Allan :wave:


Published: 27/04/2012


ABERDEEN FC believe comparisons with one of their most talented ever players will be more of a help than a hindrance to Jamie Masson.


Fraserburgh-born midfielder Masson hopes to make his competitive debut in tomorrow’s SPL clash with Dunfermline at East End Park.


The 19-year-old goes into the game with Aberdeen FC manager Craig Brown convinced he can live with comparisons to club legend Jim Bett, whose silky skills helped the Dons win four cups between 1986-90.


:hammer: :hammer: :hammer:

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Caley did that as well this season, it was such a pain to queue to buy your ticket before joining the queue to get through the turnstyles.


Can't imagine there will be the same issue today but good on anyone who is heading down for it.

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What an absolute SHAMBLES !!! We r a disgrace and becoming a laughing stock. There is no way we should be going down to Dunfermline and getting beat 3 nil,it shouldn't be happening.

Those players that got the privelige to pull on a red jersey today should hang there heads in shame!! As for Fyvie and Mackie,well they just shouldn't have been playing in the first place in my view.

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Joke players, joke manager, joke chairman, joke club.


3-0 to a club that HADN'T WON AT HOME ALL SEASON!!?!?!?!


Not the slightest bit funny...




Usually I'd end a rant like this with "roll on next season", but to be honest next season can get to fuck as well...



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It's gut wrenching stuff seeing the Dons in this plight,I'm just totally gutted like everyone is and just when you think it can't get any worse it just does time and time again!!

Even worse,it seems that no-one cares apart from the long suffering but devoted fans.

I've followed Dons for over 35 years and this hurts big time.This is painful to see this present situation.

Wake up and answer some questions Mr Milne or do the thing that is in the best interests of AFC and step down please!! :hammer: :hammer:

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Langfield is so thick and so rubbish at his supposed craft.


Picks up the ball in the first couple of minutes when there was an obvious possibility of passback interpretation.


Reactions of a slug for the first.


Came off his line for the 2nd when he was never getting it, then got caught in no mans land.


Howler at the third.


Hey Clangfool...    :wave:



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