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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

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NF aim to march in Aberdeen

glasgow sheep

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I think not:



The far-right group says the march in Aberdeen is planned in protest at the SNP.


The National Front has applied for permission to march through the heart of Aberdeen on the birthday of Adolf Hitler.


The far right party hopes to march through the city on April 20, the birth date of the Nazi leader.


The National Front insists that the march is being planned as a protest to the SNP.


A spokesman said the date had been chosen as it is the founding date of Scotland's leading party, set up in 1934, and any relation to Hitler was "pure coincidence".


Permission is being sought for 100 National Front members to march from the Adelphi in the city centre to Union Terrace Gardens.


Sultan Feroz, of Aberdeen Trades Council, said: "Aberdeen is a clean city out of racism and fascism.


"We don't want any organisation whose policies are based on racism and fascism, insulting to all people in Aberdeen."


An Aberdeen City Council spokesman said: "A notification application for a public procession on part of Union Street has been received for April 20.


"The application will be considered in due course having gone through the appropriate licensing channels."

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Their faces seem familiar.......not sure if I have seen them at protests in Edinburgh or possibly at games.


however in this photo




and this




The guy in the middle is the guy from the Britains hardest pub - Aberdeen in Peep Peeps

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A few months ago I had a scan on Stormfront, a forum site for far-right racists and white supremacists, and noticed in the UK section that the National Front in Scotland seems to be oddly popular (in their terms) in Aberdeen. Quite a few posters from Aberdeen posting pictures of them leafletting before the election etc.


I was surprised as I had no idea the NF still existed, thought they'd turned into the BNP and were doing the whole 'Lets pretend we aren't actually racist' thing.



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Isn't that the flag for Nove Scotia?


Fucking Canadian Pricks.


Pretty sure if all 7 of them (and Mizer) did march down Union Street, nobody would notice...


Any reason they're protesting about the SNP? I must admit, I don't read as much of their literature as i'd like.


I read a leaflet the BNP were giving out a couple of years ago which criticised the SNP for not being a 'True Nationalist Party'.


Probably pissed off that any party dares to have 'nationalist' in their name without being racist.

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