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Military wives Choir


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There is zero debate about the value of the armed forces historically for the UK. Their volume, bravery, servitude whatever ensured military objectives were achieved.


There is debate about the value of the directives given to the military however, particularly post cessation of WW2. It appears that the more recent the directive, the more see-through and insane the offensive action becomes.


On a less political note, there is great debate about the shaggability or otherwise of these various spouses of military personnel. I would shag the majority of them. This is true of the majority if not all of any decent sized cross section of the female human race. Apart from Fife women. It would be less than 50% there. And Perth.

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Phew, back on topic.  Good job RS.


I've shagged hunners of birds from Fife and Perth, but I guess that's still less than 50% of the women who live there so I can't argue with your point.


So, back row, 5th from the left....would ya?  ;)

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Without a shadow of doubt. No debate.


It would be big, meaty and substantial. Hopefully with a commensurate appetite.


Wouldn't like her husband to get home too soon. She needs a bear. Nothing less than top energy would be acceptable for her. I think she'd be a memorable fuck. A first class physical emptying.


I reckon "she" has a cock and balls.

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