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Saturday 9th March 2024:  kick-off 12.15pm

🏆 Scottish Cup Quarter Finals 🏆

Aberdeen v Kilmarnock

🔴⚪️ Stand Free! ⚪🔴

Lee Miller ?

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Cannae believe some of the criticism being written on other sites [ ok one of them ::) ] about his performance last night. Personally thought he put himself about really well and led the line extremely well. Was sat is section S of SS, and couldn't believe some of the comments directed at him as he won header after header, amde lay offs and then suffered the flak because no one else was actaully supporting him or anticipating the lay off.


I'm nae the biggest fan of him, but is it me thats being kind to him for once, or was he not really as bad as some folk would have you believe last night

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He played alright last night, but just alright. There is ability there, you can see that, but he's one lazy lump of a lad. If he was to put in last nights performance every week, I'd be more of a fan.


Unfortunately for everyone concerned though, the crux of the matter is that he's just not threatening enough, his goals/games ratio is frankly appalling.

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He worked hard last night but have to say that for a striker his goal threat was nil. Cannot remember him getting near a header in their box from any of our corners or free kicks last night which for such a tall striker is not good. As for his flick ons they very rarely fell to a dons player. He always seemed to manage to direct them to areas where no dons players were. Now you could blame the other players for not reading the flicks but when Brewster played his flick ons nearly always fell to Dons players so not sure this arguement is correct.

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yes, but you cant have a goal threat without proper service?


for example, can you fire a gun without ammunition?


So why did Mackie manage it last season, scoring three times the amount Miller did? And Lovell managed it scoring more than double the amount of Miller.


There's no answer to that MT. Lee Millers scoring record is fucking appalling. Fact.

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