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What's that coming over the hill? It's an impostor! It's an impostor!

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Richard Foster captain material?!?! What a fucking joke!  :hammer: Fuck off Ricky.


Couldn't care less that he was at Snake Mountain last season. My only gripe with him is that he is clearly shite.


Him and Clark have been disasters since day 1 this season.


If Granpaw Broon is any kind of manager neither will play on Friday.


Bet they do, though...



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The Huns took him on loan and we all wondered why. Now we see why. They infected Ricky's mind with this horrible Hun attitude and it's causing havoc. How many games as Foster cost us with his fuck ups? Saturday's against Motherwell, the game against Caltic at Pittodrie and probably more.

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If only matters of player quality and managerial decisions actually matters to the future of AFC...


The long-term future is one thing, but it's up to the manager, coaches and players to do something in the short-term.


We should still be able to win more games than we lose with the current squad (or at least win some games!), but there seems to be a bizarre problem with attitude, concentration and application...


At a time when every other team in the SPL is about as weak as they have ever been, it is criminal that we are languishing second bottom, with not a single away goal and but a solitary win to our names - whatever Wiggy may or or may not be doing.


Organisation and hard-work should be enough to win most games in this league and there is no excuse for lacking that.


Excuses are about all Wee Craig has come up with so far though - generally preceded by the phrase, 'I'm not making excuses, but...'.


Not suggesting we get rid of our current management team, just wishfully hoping that someone somewhere within AFC tells them all to pull their fucking socks up and that CB would develop the balls to actually drop some of the major offenders.


I'd rather lose on Friday with a team of kids than go through the agony of seeing (by which I actually mean 'hearing about after the fact') the 'experienced' players put in yet another desultory shift.

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Clark should never have been re-signed in the first place. he was shit first time round and hasn't improved on his return. An utterly pointless and lazy signing.


Haven't all the signings been lazy?  I'm glad we signed Osbourne and Arnason, but each signing this year seems to be either a result of an agent wanting to send one of their players to us, or of Clark knowing the player from Plymouth.  I don't see any evidence of scouting, or us asking targets to come to the club.  A but worrying if that were to be the case for future signing policy  :-\

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