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Aberdeen - St. Johnstone

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So first game of the season! Can't believe it's come around so soon.


In/Out: Out

Pre match: Visiting the family

Match: Hopefully listening to the game

Post Match: Dinner

Prediction: Aberdeen win.


Not sure how we're going to line up for this one, maybe we'll get a better understanding after the Villareal game.


I also see that this is going to be shown on BBC Alba on saturday.



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In/Oot: In

Pre match: Train with some cunts (hopefully that will remain plural or it will become very expensive). Then probably some pub in the centre

Match: Wherever said cunts have season tickets

Post Match: Some pub (perhaps frank macdougalls again  :wave: ) and then train back to the weeg.

Prediction: 1-1


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I see this is the BBC Alba match


Has anyone ever spent the day avoiding the score just so you can watch the game as if it is live  in Glorious Gaelic?


I have yes. I already had plans during the afternoon which would keep me away from TV so it was only a case of turning my phone off for a couple of hours, although I guess that can be a challenge for some people.

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