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Dons V Tims at Pittodrie

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I'd love to get a result in this game but what I want first and foremost is a performance that looks like the players give a fuck. We were so fucking scared of Celtic on Saturday and gave them far too much respect. On Tuesday night we need to let them know they've been in a game. If any cunt starts doing keepie ups in the corner fucking bin the cunt. I would have loved to see Tommy Wright's reaction to that.


In/Out: In

Pre-match: Either Bobbin or Northern golf club

Match: RDU

Post-match: Hame

Prediction: 0-0

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In/Out: In

Pre-match: Having tea

Match: RDL

Post-match: Going home

Prediction: If we turn up 1-1 otherwise Us 1-2 Sellick and Gary Hooper being snapped in half


The bit that fucks me off the most about games against the irish pretenders is the fact that 9 times out of 10 freeze and are over awed by them. We dont seem to have that problem against anyone else in the league, we normally just dont turn up. Apart from the 4-2 game a couple of seasons ago Ive never seen us being confident going into the game. We showed against them at the bowl couple weeks ago that we CAN give these cunts a game in Glasgow let alone Pittodrie. If we can play for the full 90 instead of just when they take their foot off the gas in the 2nd half we have a good chance of getting something. This doesnt matter if its in the weeg or in Aberdeen. They arent special. I still think that the other ugly sister will win the league come May.

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