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Diamond comes oot of hiding

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ZANDER DIAMOND no longer fears turning on his telly or walking out his front door.


The Aberdeen skipper used to hate switching on Sky Sports News and seeing the club's plight at the foot of the SPL.


He also knew the Dons' dismal run of form had angered home fans.


They might still be sitting second bottom, but two wins out of two under Craig Brown has sparked more belief amongst Dons players and supporters.


Diamond admits the early form under their new boss doesn't mean that their relegation worries are over.


But it has left him feeling calmer when he is grabbing the remote control - or heading to the shops.


Diamond, 25, said: "I've not been out in Aberdeen. I've had to do all my shopping online!


"But the position that we were in wasn't good. It's not great seeing your team bottom of the league. You watch Sky Sports and the other sports channels and see your team is bottom of the table.


"Your pals are annoying you and that's hard to take. But, hopefully, this is the start of something and we can keep winning games.


"The new management has come in and got the response they wanted - and we wanted too.


"We've had a great number of fans following us in the past couple of games.


"We've sent them up the road happy with six points out of six, but that means nothing if we get beaten by Dundee United.


"We know these two wins don't end the talk of relegation.


"They're two great results on the road, but we've got a long road to go before we're out of this situation.


"It's not good enough for us to turn up and say 'We're Aberdeen' and expect to roll teams over.


"We need to put in a lot of hard work and we've done that in the last two games. But we need to do that in every game and eventually we'll be out of the mire we're in."


Diamond has struggled with injury and form in recent seasons.


But Brown described him as a talisman during the late win at Hamilton, which saw them keep their first clean sheet since the second weekend of the season.


Diamond said: "A talisman? I don't know what that means! Seriously, it's been hard with injury and we struggled when I came back in January. Hopefully the injury's behind me and with Craig and Archie Knox in I can add to my game now."


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"A talisman? I don't know what that means!"




Dear, oh dear.  Sounds like the right kind of noises, hopefully he can do reasonably well in his last 5 months here.  He may finally be realising he is not quite as good as he thinks he is, and hopefully can just resort to keeping it simple for the rest of the season.  Not a chance he will take the paycut I would imagine it would require him to stay though, so as I said above, hope he can be solid for the remaining 5 months and then he can head off for a payday somewhere down south...

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"The Aberdeen skipper" ???  Boy has been awful this season, by far our worst defender, as for the pish about him staying in, he's been seen out and about at weekends having a drink.


I seen him drinking a glass of water in Soul one Saturday night.




(Like really, not even taking the piss here)

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