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St Mirren v Aberdeen

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In/Oot: Oot

Prematcher: Moving House

During Match: Moving House, putting my foot down and insisting the radio is changed to the fitba much to the disgust of the "removal men", AKA Dad and BF who don't like fitba

Postmatcher: Hopefully sitting in new house with feet up armed with takeaway and beers and NOT still searching for the box the TV remote is in

Prediction: 3-1 Aberdeen

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Supporters Information


Ticket Info


Turnstiles are open at 2pm. Tickets can be purchased from the away ticket office at the North End which will be open from 1 30pm, the away ticket office will remain open until 3 30pm. It will be allocated seating in the North end . AFC have been allocated Sections N2 to N5. N1 will be unoccupied.


Flags on 1 meter canes will be allowed as will large flags, no surfing flags are allowed. Flags can be displayed in the unoccupied seats of section N1 or at the rear of the stand.

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