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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

SPL Round 2: St Johnstone V Aberdeen

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Presume Foster is back for this but not sure MM will make many if any changes.  Would love to see Pawlett out on the right with Aluko on the left as one of most impressive displays last season was in the first half of the game at Pittodrie we won 2-1 when these two tore Saints to shreds.



In or Oot : In!! 


Furry Boots : Probably try for the usual away end but if, as I suspect, we are running late then maybe the other end.


Pre Matcher: Some Perth Town centre boozer (any suggestions, never made it to any pubs in Perth before)


Post Matcher: Train back to the weeg


Prediction : 1-1

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In or Oot : In


Furry Boots : Nae bothered.


Pre Matcher: Gothenburg Reds bus then pub in city centre


Post Matcher: Bus then mine then town.


Prediction : 3-0 Aberdeen


:o You've got more money than sense if you can afford that much alcohol!



In or Oot : Oot.


Furry Boots : Probably listen to it on the radio in my car.


Pre Matcher: Da ken.


Post Matcher: Da ken.


Prediction : Super Jays 0 - 1 Dandonians.

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In or Oot : Oot


Furry Boots : Dunno


Pre Matcher: Dunno


Post Matcher: Dunno


Prediction : 2-1 Aberdeen



Problem McGhee has is can be change a team that won 4-0? Can Langfield replace Howard when he made had a clean sheet? Take it Vernon is ruled out? If Foster comes in then who misses out? If Foster does come back I'd either take out Ifil and put Considine back in the middle and Foster LB or leave the defence as it was and put Foster at RM instead of Maguire and keep Pawlett just behind Magennis.


Think I'd keep last weeks team or put Foster in for Ifil.

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In or Oot : Oot


Furry Boots : Callander Gowf Club Charity Day


Pre Matcher: See Above


Post Matcher: And Again


Prediction : 2-1 Dandies. Magennis to break his duck and another Hartley penalty!


Think MM will bring Vernon into the fold mid way trhough the second half, but other than that only Foster coming in for the Beast is a potential change. Be good to see the team develop a winning habit and give us all something to gloat about for a second week.

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According to the radio he had a few scary moments but improved. Game is on Bbc alba at 530 for anyone interested!


Great win and start to the season, may it continue. Just need to make sure that the players don't get carried away. But in hartley, we have a captain that knows how to handle the pressure and responsibility. Keep it up afc!

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