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Sunday 23rd June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇭🇺 Hungary

kick-off 8pm

davie provan

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if its what is online hes just having a go at fergie for daring to say the 1983 gothenburg team was the second best scottish team of all time.


WAS Sir Alex Ferguson having a laugh when he named his 1983 Cup Winners’ Cup heroes as the second best Scottish side of all time behind the Lisbon Lions?


Sir Furious, below, is known to like a glass of good red and he surely had a few before he came out with that line.




At least he had the savvy not to compare his Gothenburg team with Jock Stein’s lot, but his dismissal of other Scottish club sides smacked of little more than arrogance.


Winston Churchill told us history would be kind to him because he intended to write it himself. Fergie is attempting to re-write it.


The great teams don’t just win, they win with a flourish and when it came to entertainment that Dons team couldn’t hold a candle to some of their Scottish predecessors. The only players who would get you up off your seat in that team were Gordon Strachan, Peter Weir and Mark McGhee, if he was in the mood


A young Eric Black had a lot going for him but the other three were the ones who made things happen. For the most part the rest of that side was all about organisation, fitness and aggression.


Neil Simpson, Tattie Cooper and Dougie Rougvie would be banged up in Barlinnie if they were playing nowadays.


Fergie rates his boys ahead of the Rangers team who won the same tournament under Willie Waddell 11 years previously. On what evidence?


Waddell’s team could entertain as much as they could mix it. With Sandy Jardine and Dave Smith at the back, Alfie Conn and Alex MacDonald in midfield and Willie Johnston and Tommy McLean wide, they were much easier on the eye.


They also beat a much stronger Bayern Munich outfit on their way to Barcelona than the one Aberdeen faced in 1983.


If the European Cup is the real acid test, Fergie’s lot came up well short in their three attempts. iverpool saw them off on a 5-0 aggregate in the second round in 1980 while Dynamo Berlin dumped them in the first round four years later.


A quarter-final defeat to Gothenburg the following season was as good as it got for the Reds in Europe’s top competition.


Two decades earlier Dundee had given a much better account of themselves in the European Cup. They beat Cologne, Sporting Lisbon and Anderlecht on their way to semi-final defeat against champions-elect AC Milan.


From the same city Jim McLean produced a gem of a team that reached the final of the UEFA Cup and, in their one crack at the European Cup, they got to within 90 minutes of the final before losing out to Roma.


At that time Celtic preferred a trip to Pittodrie than a visit to Tannadice. There are others I’d put in front of Fergie’s boys. The best Scottish team I ever played against was Eddie Turnbull’s Hibs of the early Seventies. The team of Brownlie, Stanton, Blackley, Harper, Cropley and Edwards played the type of football that’s become Arsenal’s hallmark today.


Their solitary League Cup win of 1973 was scant reward for a team who were unlucky enough to be competing against Celtic in their pomp. As for Fergie’s assessment that his 1983 group are the second best of all time? That doesn’t stack up and if you doubt it take a look at the league table for that year.


They weren’t even second best in Scotland!


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What an absolute piece of straw-clutching shite! No wonder it's in the News Of The World. Only thing that paper is good for is wrapping a fish-supper (even then it tends to taint the taste of the food inside).


His article is about the 1983 Cup Winners Cup team. Note, 1983!!


Why the fuck does he then go on to mention an Aberdeen team from 1980, and then the one from 1984 in the same breath?


He reckons the Bayern Munich team we faced was a lot weaker than the Bayern Munich that Rangers faced. Who cares? It was Real Madrid that we beat to WIN the cup, you fuckwit! No mention of that.



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Guest swaddon
As for Fergie’s assessment that his 1983 group are the second best of all time? That doesn’t stack up and if you doubt it take a look at the league table for that year.


They weren’t even second best in Scotland!


Wanker. If he looked at the league table, he'd see we only finished a point off the top, and I believe we gave the champions a hiding at Pittodrie earlier in the season. And I don't recall Gothenburg ever beating us, it was two draws. If anything doesn't stack up, then it's his knowledge of football.

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The Hun team wasnt even the best rangers team ever.


Dundee Utd didnt win any European trophies neither did the Dundee team.


The hibs team won the league cup and heehaw else!!


A couple of little points Mr Provan may also want to look at:


The Hibs team of 1973 werent even the second best in Scotland they finished 3rd.


The Hun team of 1972 werent the second best team in Scotland, they finished third (ironically behind Aberdeen)


The United team making the UEFA cup final in '87 werent the second best in Scotland they finished 3rd.



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Pointless us getting flustered by it, it wasn't written for us.  It was written for the people who buy that paper, huns.  No doubt your average Rangers fan would have enjoyed his Primary school article, but as it's already been proved in half a dozen posts in this thread, it was complete bollocks.


Ignore Provan.  Ignore the NOTW.

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Ignore Provan.  Ignore the NOTW.




Still, getting powered into that fucking plunger Provan passes the time in an enjoyable fashion.


He's just gutted that he didn't get the medals he was entitled to being a old firm player, so when he couldn't hack that fact, he chucked it in a hissy fit developed M.E..



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