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  1. It was which is why Marshall stopped to check with the Ref before the celebration As for trying to sub during a penalty shoot out I can't say I knew if it was an official rule but in the 27+ years Ive actually followed football it was always the case that subs had to be done before the ref's final whistle hence bringing on a striker, or even subbing the keeper in In injury time (English playoff final 1996 springs to mind). I'd say there are a few MLS Officials who might find themselves refereeing the USA equivalent of Albion Rovers vs Cowdenbeath for a few months after that episode
  2. The edit button seems to have vanished completely now?
  3. Im trying to avoid former managers after hearing Mcleish give one of the reasons for the national teams improval was it now had rangers players in it. That would be a goalie who won't get a sniff until McGregor retires, and a Dons Youth player...... Anyway I hope the momentum carries onto the Nations league on saturday as victory against the slovaks will see Scotland win the group, further moving up the rankings and banking another playoff spot should it be required. A draw between Israel and the czechs will have the same effect too
  4. I'm bemused why Clarke chose McBurnie. I think the Thumb would have forced the serbs to leave a defender back at all times and would have run his guts out for the last 5mins. McBurnies first action was to shove one of their players to delay a free kick he had given away and he can't seem to control the ball in the middle of the park.
  5. Lot of people went nuts for the one at 0:53 but from my experience as a keeper this one was the better of the two
  6. Shame its too late to stop 'Everybody Loves Raymond'
  7. Shall settle down to see how Boris and Co react to Biden's (apparent) win.
  8. https://twitter.com/Eng_Villarreal/status/1324451456469127174/photo/1 Seems they are still waiting to kick off for the second half. What a difference 45mins makes
  9. BBC seem to be really slow on their website. Following the Guardians feed and they've already called at least 2 states. Now seems to be a selection of tweets about florida in which one moment its 'ooh trump is in trouble', then suddenly its 'ooh hilary was doing better in 2016, Biden better start praying; Thought the UK was bad but FFS the yanks really have a desperatly corrupt and outdated election system. Now saying despite a court ruling at least 300000 votes were posted but wont be delivered therefore wont count.
  10. Does he not have to wait until fans are allowed back into the nou camp and they all start waving white hankies at him before he can actually be sacked?
  11. Brazil 1970 bottle it but then again so did the referees.
  12. Looks like another U-turn by the fuckwits down south. Bugs me how BBC news seem to keep saying 'full UK lockdown' then at the end of their reports mention the devolved nations are doing things differently. Might be being clouded by my increasing dislike of englandshire but I seem to recall the devolved nations being criticised and then mocked for not following the clusterfuck half asses approach and basically letting their citizens do what they like. Not a fan of schadenfreude outside of the world of sports but I am finding it creeping in with how the respective government approaches. Th
  13. Found this on netflix. Occasionally disturbing but enjoing it so far
  14. They've been on Sky/BT/Setanta etc for the best part of 2 decades
  15. YAAAAASSSS New album out on 13th November
  16. Soooo Is McGinn ever going to get his 100 goals?
  17. Its in this video from the club along with a few others. Don't remember him being so animated https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=982317055607539
  18. Is Messi on a 'go-slow'?
  19. This was the first league point under Skovdahl's reign Love the 'lazy' finish by Jess for the first goal. Bizarre thing is the official stats give Winters goal to ricky Gilles??
  20. Personally what comes to mind for me was his celebration after Andy Dow's winnder in the 2000 Scottish cup final Managed to meet him after the 5-1 home win over Kilmarnock the week before the final and got him to sign a red-final cartoon of him as an escape artist with stewart Milne as his 'glamourous assistant too The first league goal of his management
  21. Least they do it in a clubs private tv channel. Not like Jock Brown with Sevco on Setanta sports back in 2005
  22. In fact its a double fuck up as the last 3 games at Tannadice finished 1-0 (2 dons wins, 1 arabs)
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